We, here in Colorado, have been battling the elements this week with our first blast of snow for the year.  Because of that, getting to the gym has been quite a ride.  Yesterday, it took almost an hour and a half to get there when it usually takes about 35 minutes.  People drive like crap so you can imagine how irritated I was, thinking I might not make it, at all.  Ended up having exactly 1 hour to train back on Wednesday.  In 1 hour I did roughly 16 working sets of back and then rear delt work and traps, too.   It was a rush but a great workout.


Tuesday -



Chest -

4 sets of dumbbell presses, 4 sets of incline hammer presses, 3 sets of pec dec flyes and 2 sets of flat dumbbell flyes


Side Delts -

4 sets of cable side laterals, 3 sets of upright dumbbell rows (alternating) for 4 sets, 3 sets of dumbbell clean and press


Wednesday -

back/rear delts/traps


Back -

3 sets of neutral grip latt pulls behind the neck with the last set being a 4x drop set, 3 sets of hammer low row (alternating), 3 sets of neutral chins with the last being a 3x drop set,  3 sets of long pulley rows, 4 sets of undergrip smith barbell rows


Rear delts and traps -

supersetted dumbbell bent over laterals and smith shrugs due to low time left before the gym closed.  3 supersets.


Meals have all been consistent but starting yesterday I have started to eliminate some foods to see what is causing IBS type symptoms the last month or so.  It is out of control and seems to be no real rhyme or reason.  I have eliminated greek yogurt to see if that helps but so far there is no sign that it has made a change.  I would type more but I am about to shit my pants.


I am stupidly excited about finding Spotify.  I know, I know, I am slow but I finally found it and have it all set up and just waiting to use it when I train later today.   The old Ipod has been replaced.