Saturday was squat day. As a powerlifter I have always referred to each workout as the main movement. Doing legs is Squat day because I have and will always squat first. Same for bench and dead. I did some stretching before starting to warm up, then I set up to squat out of the monolift. I started with 155, I would say I went down about halfway on all the squats I did this day. All felt pretty good. Of course it's still a challenge trying to focus on using both legs just as much and not sway to the left or to the right. As each week goes on I feel better and better about the future of my hip and my recovery. I'm not exactly sure what the future holds for my powerlifting career, but I do plan on getting into the best possible shape that I can. I know this will take some time which is not a problem. I am not impatient. Squat reg bar 


155x5x2sets 231x5  275x5x3sets   By the last set my legs were tired Leg exts 4x15