If you are my age, you almost certainly will get the reference.  Have faith, I will tie it all in shortly (kinda).

I spent the last week getting away from bodybuilding.  Just kidding; I have spent almost 2 months getting away from bodybuilding, but it takes me getting out of town for a vacation to truly get it out of my head.  I may not be dieting or going to the gym right now, but I can't say that I truly had bodybuilding out of my head because... does it ever REALLY leave your brain after doing this for so many years? 

I am recently finding myself wanting to get back to my routine which is a good sign.  I am choosing clothes that mask my "condition" (if you can call it that).  I am finding myself paying more attention to what I eat (having a burger with shaved brussel sprouts on it but not just because it tastes better) and making sure that I have plenty of water.  Up until a couple of weeks ago I couldn't have cared less.  Lately, I seem to find bodybuilding slipping back into my head again.  I even bought a Muscle and Fitness magazine at the airport to read on the plane.  The last time I read a M&F? At least 10 years ago, if not longer.  However, I was a bit anxious as I figured the older man sitting next to me might press me with, "You trying to be one of them muscle guys??"  I was practicing my answer of simply, "no way."

And as a side note: M&F has their heads up their asses.  I was reading an article about a chest workout by Dorian, supposedly, and all of the pictures were of him doing chest exercises except one.  Someone had decided to use a picture of him doing verticle hammer rows and must have thought it was a back exercise.  *sigh*  However, I digress...

I split time between Milwaukee and Michigan over the last week - Milwaukee because one of our daughters started Nursing School and Michigan because my Mother-in-Law was just diagnosed with stage-4 cancer (she was stage 3 last year but it has now metastasized on her liver).  

It was great seeing family and not having to even think about training or dieting.  In fact, I was walking through the airport yesterday to catch a flight out of Chicago to come home and it occurred to me that I hadn't eaten all day and it was 8pm - not a bite.  We missed the flight and had to stay an extra day in Chicago and all I was thinking was, "SWEET, we can find a nice hotel, order room service and lie around fat and naked watching TV."  If I was in bodybuilder mode, I would have been panicked trying to figure out how I was going to eat within my macros and lamenting over how I would not be able to train.  

As I have returned home to sunny southern Florida, I find myself with bodybuilding on the brain... finally.  I am starting to think about my split when I return to the gym, what I am going to do for my diet and most importantly, what my goals are going to be moving forward.  The latter has been a bit of a concern for me because I just wasn't sure how I wanted to move forward and I am one of those people that struggles with training and diet when I do not have a clear vision or goal.  I don't need to be "dieting" or prepping to be focused, but I do need a clear finish line or I find myself lost and motivation suffers - kinda like I have found myself these last 7 weeks.

For those of you who understood the title reference of this coach log and cannot get the opening of Laverne and Shirley out of your head now, I apologize.  Laverne and Shirley worked at Shotz Brewery but Shotz Brewery was fictitious.  They did the filming for Shotz Brewery at Lakefront Brewery and while touring the bottling assembly line, they played the famous opening song.  It got me thinking ...

If you look up the words, schlemiel means clumsy or a "dolt."
I don't consider myself too terribly clumsy or much of a dolt,

Schlimazel means unlucky.  I don't consider myself unlucky.

Hasenpfeffer is some kind of rabbit stew or some shit like that.
I have never had rabbit stew because I have all of my teeth.

So, basically, I have no real connection to the song or the words, at all, and I have no real reason for including them in this coach log other than to make some of you who are my age reminisce about when you were younger or, I suppose, give you a reason to be pissed at me for sticking your head with a song for the rest of the day.  
Because I find myself singing this fucking song almost daily since I heard it last week while in Milwaukee on that tour.  I suppose misery loves company.

I think we all - including me - want to see me back in the gym so that my coach logs make more sense.  🙂

 Pray for me.  LOL  Just kidding.