Two laps prowler.


Activations and plank work(6 sets)

BT roll out on quads for 10mins and guts for 10 mins

Used new zercher harness straps on belt squat machine.  6x5

Reverse Hypers 5x12

Prowler one lap heavy, one lap no weight


Activations with ab work , hangin ab 6x8 and light plank

BT quad roll and gut roll 5 mins each

Two laps prowler.


Prowler seems to be better time wise so may move it up the weights from here on out.  The activations prior made a big difference today.  Yesterday it felt like someone was stabbin me in the taint for the first lap then it warmed up. After the zerchers , my ass, adds and hams were lit up so should have done some activations after the training. It is not too boring now that I have made alittle goal out of doing it till the end of the month.  Not that i was not checking my weight daily but now it is more. I also do it to annoy the ole lady and show her the abs.  I keep thinking it will be like Cinderella and magically my abs will disappear and I will be fat kid again. Not that I am the lean lean machine but  it is good for me.