Admittedly, I am stressed.  I mean, moving from somewhere that I was very comfortable and called home for 21 years isn't easy.  Add to that our pending sale of our home, getting kids into school, getting moved in, getting up and running with business and work again, and I am finally finding a bit of a rhythm.  It is quite a new concept to have to use GPS everywhere I go because I have no clue where anything is.

Here is culture shock:

I have driven in many cities with shitty drivers but I can tell you that Colorado drivers are NOT bad after driving down here.  Holy shit.  I thought I drove fast, but these assholes are out of control.

Everyone is hassled by my questions whether at Target, a restaurant, the gas station, etc..  The only place I don't seem to find any issues is the gym.  People are not as laid back here as in Colorado.  Maybe because everyone in Colorado is high - I don't know.

The gyms are awesome - at least the couple that I am going to be training in - old school, low ceilings, in a strip mall, competitor pictures all over the walls and excellent equipment.

Still trying to figure out where the best places for quality beef and chicken are, though.  In the meantime, I went cheap and have been getting everything at Walmart.  It might not be the best but damn that place is CHEAP.

I am a creature of habit and so I find it difficult to not have things that I need yet.  EG: I didn't have PAM spray so I went to get some and forgot that I didn't have any tupperware or ziploc bags (I use ziploc bags for nuts, protein powder, etc..).  I then realized when I got home that I did not have any dish soap to wash pans (I don't put pans in the dishwasher).  Just little things that I never ran out of at home.  A big deal?  No.  Just enough to make me irritated and remind me that we moved.

What I AM liking?  The gym is 6 minutes away instead of 50.  The grocery store is walking distance ... if I was a guy who walked places and I do not.  While everything is close, traffic is a bitch going from rural Colorado to downtown Fort Lauderdale.  I also managed to hit a home run by finding an awesome breakfast spot on the first attempt.  Usually, it takes me a handful of attempts to find a solid breakfast spot.  Burgers?  Not as lucky.  The first one was a "meh" so we will be checking out other spots this weekend.

Just get me another week so that our motorcycles can arrive and I will be good - or at least better.  Of course, it is probably good that they haven't arrived yet because I need GPS to get anywhere without getting lost.  Hopefully, by the time the bikes get here I will have some idea of where the gym is without needing the GPS.

I miss my Colorado, but I know in time - as I get familiar with my surroundings - I will become comfortable here and love it.  The weather is already pulling me in.