Shoulder Replacement Update

As you may have already seen, I had shoulder replacement/resurfacing using the Arthrosurface Hemicap procedure just over a month ago on November 20th. This procedure is less invasive and requires less recovery time than a full shoulder replacement, but the procedure still requires that they cut through the subscapularis, cut off the head of the humerus and replace it with a titanium half circle (hemicap). They also have to shave down the socket then use bone cement to secure a piece of plastic for the titanium to move smoothly on. The long head of my bicep was also partially torn at the proximal attachment so that had to be repaired as well.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me what the recovery time is. Initially the Orthopedic surgeon said I’d have to wear a sling for 6 weeks and that recovery would take 3 to 6 months. I only wore the sling for 3 days, started PT after a week, started doing light band biceps and triceps on week 2, started light dumbbell biceps and triceps on week 3, and started squatting again on Friday on week 4. The PT says that I’m at least 2 weeks ahead of schedule (I’m going to guess that I’m even further along) and has adjusted the protocol accordingly.

As far as the sling is concerned, I think that the medical community will have patients use slings and immobilizing devices less and less and start towards increasing movement to promote bloodflow and recovery. Not wearing it certainly hasn’t hurt mine.

I couldn’t be happier with how the procedure and my recovery are going. I didn’t think I’d be able to train at all just four weeks after surgery. Thank you to Arthrosurface for offering this less invasive procedure, my Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Bryan, of the Orthopedic Clinic in Daytona, and my Physical Therapist, Amye-Marie Wichael of Ability Rehab for speeding up my protocol since I’m well ahead of schedule. She told me that I could do whatever motions don’t cause pain (at least that’s what I heard), which may have been a mistake haha. I’m so impressed with this procedure that I’ll be writing a testimonial and would be happy to work as a rep and living proof of the benefits of their procedure and device.

Here’s IG vid of my first real training day back. I only worked up to a raw 365x2 on highish box squats, but considering it’s been two months since I’ve squatted due to shoulder pain and surgery I’ll take it. You can also see my scar in the third pic which is healing up nicely.

Thanks to Dominic Beswick, Jon Burnham, Cameron Soltis and Trinity for the help.

Stay tuned for more progress.

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