Show Prep vs. Baking

If you follow along on Instagram, you know that I've been baking and cooking up a storm.  I've always had an interest in baking my kids' birthday cakes (looking back, they are cute, but definitely not Pinterest worthy).  Oddly enough, it was about a month before quaratine started that I felt pulled to learn more.

Quarantine just allowed me to fully dive in. #thankscorona

I always get asked the question though...

"How do you not just eat everything you bake?"

It's easy... but then again it's not easy.  In the past, I just baked. Whatever the recipe said, I followed. I'd give the cookies or baked goods to neighbors or set them out for the kids.  However they tasted, they tasted.

Now, because I'm trying to learn more about flavors, textures, baking times and mixing processes, it kinda requires some taste testing.  So yes, if I make a new batch of something, I'll have a small bite (thankfully, I've found some perfect recipes that I no longer have to taste). But I don't lick the spoon or eat the batter or have an entire slice of cake.

julia cake

My brain wants it.  My mouth and tummy definitely want it.  But I also know that if I eat it, it sets my goal back.  It will most likely mean lower calories as we get closer to the show and/or more cardio.  Personally, I'd rather do the least amount of work to achieve the highest results.

Read that again....

Seems counterintuitive, right?  Most people think, "Do more! More dieting, more cardio... more must mean maximal, right?"

Au contraire mon frere. When it comes to ____________ (fill in the blank of your goals), we take processes in getting there.  In the beginning of a prep phase, we change calories a little and maybe increase training volume. Then after a few weeks, we add in 2 days of cardio.  Then after a few weeks, we adjust calories again.  Then after a few weeks add in another day of cardio.  It's a slow process because we aren't trying to just throw everything in the kitchen sink at once.  Why would we?

In a similar fashion, many of my clients will ask about protein powders, fat burners, detox diet teas, extra cardio, etc. They want to know how they can fit those things in to get the MAXIMUM results.  My response?

"Are you eating all your meals? Are you getting in all your protein? Are you sleeping enough and sleeping well?  Are you destressing?"

You see, oftentimes we like to throw in the extras when we haven't even  nailed down the basics.  In the case of my baking adventure and show prep, I ain't gonna do more than I have to if it's not necessary.

But I digress a bit.  Many stage athletes find baking therapeutic.  I haven't figured out the science behind that or why many of us feel that way (some think it's torture). The mixing and creating process is artful at times.  The smells, the textures, the experimenting of ingredients.  It's calming!!

So for now, I'll keep making cakes and cupcakes, cookies and bread and on August 9th, I'll enjoy it all!!

Have you ever used baking during show prep/meet prep?  

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