Sister Client Spotlight!

I had the most fun pleasure of working with two sisters to step on stage this year! We slowly began the process in August of last year. One needed to drop some initial bodyfat and the other needed to keep her food intake up to build some muscle!

julia BF robes

The figure sister gradually lost bodyfat and we were able to keep some fun meals in there since the show was so far away.  They were originally supposed to compete in June but it got pushed back to September so we had to be smart with how to keep her moving in the right direction, but I also knew she had been pushing for so long.

The bikini sister needed to keep food intake high as I knew she would lean out much faster.  She had a lean build to begin with so it was a matter of building up some of her weak spots.... mainly glutes and hammies.

Check out these transformations and beautiful pics!!

julia client transformation1

julia client transform2


julia clients 1

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