On Monday I decided to more up my volume some on legs. Holy crap am I sore.

The bad thing about not having an ACL and really bad arthritis in the knee is that it eliminates a lot of exercises. Lunges, for example, are really difficult due to the shearing force on the knee. Bulgarian split squats are challanging due to the limited ROM in my knee when it is back on the box. So on Monday I set up in the Erect-a-Rack with a SSB and a 18'' Elitefts foam plyo box.

I did BSS with the SSB on my back and I held on with both hands to the uprights so that I kept my balance and could stabilize on my bad knees. It also allowed me to stay more vertical and help ROM issues when my bad knee was up on box. This allowed me to do 5 sets of relatively painless (in the knee anyway) BSS.

I haven't done this much volume in a while and when you combined that with the box squats with chains, GHR, leg curls and abs. My legs are so freaking sore. It hurts to walk, sit or stand. It feels like Mike Tyson was punching my glutes like a heavy bag.

Overall though it is muscular soreness and not joint soreness in my knee, and this makes me really happy.  I will use this set up next week and include a video as I think it can be really helpful for anyone with really bad knees, like myself.