So What Is Going On?

I really haven't felt like saying much the last few weeks. I'll just start by saying that what The USA is experiencing right now, we are about 10-14 days ahead of you.

Being on social media has been wild because about a week ago I was giving my opinion on things and everyone thought I was crazy. I was called a ton of names and repeated cussed and called a fear monger. How is it that an online coach or an "author" somehow becomes a finance and virus guru? I'll admit that I don't know those answers but I can tell you what is going on HERE. People are so focused on looking at "The Stats in China and Italy" that when I say what I see, all of the sudden I'm crazy?

This is from the same industry of people that puts down the geek trainers with clipboards with all of the data to make someone strong but no practical experience AND criticize "the government" yet when it suits them they will be the first to pick up the clipboard and the data to prove the point that they want?

And then it changed. As The USA caught up to where we were THEN, all of the sudden their tone changed but, again, as I insert what I see going on here where I live I'm back to crazy status.

I need to train but my mind is just fried. Fried from stress, fear, spending hours waiting in lines to get food today (we had plenty of food in stores, people are also very civil) and we have been closed down for what...2 weeks now?

Starting tonight we are not allowed to leave our house without contacting The Government and having permission. That goes for getting food, pharmacy, seeing a Dr...period.

Several hospitals have shut down because they no longer have the staff to stay open and service the city/nation. Emergency Rooms are closed. They are not accepting any new inpatients. All surgeries are stopped. The police force is down around 40 officers. The renal department is crippled as 2 of the 3 nephrologists are sick and the one that is still working wishes that he wasn't. We don't have enough respirators (we may have as many per capita as The USA, more than England, on par with Italy) but we have FIVE on order to be delivered who knows when.

Every business that is open WISHES that they were closed. The stress and fear in their eyes is just horrible to see.

So before you call me crazy, remember that The USA has eventually followed everything that we have eventually. And we are OK!

And the next time you suggest that The Middle East or my island is a 3rd World Country and should be made into a parking lot...remember that we still have toilet paper on our shelves. Where I live, our government went into a meeting at 9:30 in the morning and by 2:30 The President was presenting our economic stimulus package live on TV. This is not the hardest thing that we have been through since I've been living here and we will survive and be fine. So will you, as long as you are willing to put in the hard work...and hard work is what the world of lifting was founded on. Being able to know what you need to do, making a plan, and executing! It is a speed bump and it is a big one...but if we put on our knee wraps and chalk the heck out of our hands...there is very little that we can't do in time.

If I don't get back to you in 24 hours you'll know that I've been arrested either trying to get to my gym or driving my son through town so he will calm down. Not really joking.

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