Some positive feedback I missed on the M2 Method

This was posted over a year ago here on Elitefts, so I'm not sure how I missed it, but it does give some of the best feedback I've seen regarding my training method.  He went from being injured to adding 10 lbs to his bench while following my program, and he's not the first lifter I've read who had results like this.  If you keep getting injured, or just need a change, give the M2 Method a try.


I have been training in PL for 7 years or so and at my very strongest i came to a dead stop with my training. I had been doing my main lift (s/b/d) and then following that with lighter sets of the same lift, this worked until i just hit the wall. I added another set or two, another rep or two, more weight, literally nothing worked and i just got frustrated then hurt my shoulder badly after trying to keep pushing myself with more work, it got to the point where i couldn't bench 135-165lbs without ridiculous amounts of pain. During phys therapy i was told to not do any exercises that brought me any significant pain which basically meant, no benching for 5 months. I found Brian's book through reddit and honestly didn't think it would work for me, i always used linear programming but i was desperate at this point. The board pressing stuff seemed to be more of a geared thing so i never bothered with it until buying the book and ive got to say it COMPLETELY changed the game for me. about 1 week after beginning phy therapy i tried to implement Brian's program, the board work and changes of ROM allowed me to bench without any pain and slowly work my way back. Using this method, i managed to increase my bench by 10lbs WHILE doing my physical therapy (WUT). I finished going through recovery while continuing this program and added another 25lbs to my bench. All my other lifts also got stronger but just wow, i dont even know what to say besides try this with an open mind and you'll do amazing.

- Joseph

Thank you for your feedback Joseph.  I'm honored to have been able to help you.

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