As usual, this is the first moment I have had to log and get use to the new logs. Sorry for the delay. Here is a breakdown of recent training with mostly highlights


2/16 Box with briefs and reverse monster mini bands worked up to 745x2

Reverse Hypers 4x12


2/13 Cable flyes 10x10  with added rear delt negative on each rep

Mixture of overhead and regular tricep extensions with new gripless strap Dale came up with 10x10


2/12 Leg press close stance with 1 sec pauses 10x5

More Coan/Coleman dead rows worked up to 315x10



2/10 Back work 12x10

Flat press Tsunami Bar 2.5 plates 10x5


2/7 Deads with close stance with straps and since we all like to add this on-RAW . Worked up to 605x3. Felt good and not horrible. Linking it to heavy band squats and the Coan/Coleman Dead Rows

Reverse Hypers 4x10, some band rack hanging

1/31 and 1/24 Both Briefs Box squats with 2 blues and a green. Final week was 4.5 plates I think.

As always promise to log more