photo courtesy of Joe Schillero

The Elitefts Sports Performance Training Summit
I would be lying if I didn't say we have been planning this event since May of 2013. There are about a thousand things we need to do better from a logistical standpoint, but overall I couldn't be happier. I could not do this weekend justice without writing an eBook so I will leave you with some quotes from the weekend courtesy of the YSCC. I really appreciate the YSCC giving a live feed on the afternoon with some great quotes.

Double KB Clean & Squat Press
24kg x5
32kg x5
24kg x5

* My friend Brett Bartholomew was doing these and I finally didn't look like a total schlub by the 3rd rep

DE BP w/ Pause
195 + 80 in chains for 3 triples

supersetted with

NG Pull-Up
Grip 1, Grip 2, Grip 1 for 3 triples

* I need to keep my legs still. didn't even know I was kipping.