I don't know what I was thinking. Actually...I do. This was the end of my 12 week block of squats and they had all been with bands. I did not plan on this week being that hard or taxing so I wanted to get a better idea of how I would change things for next week with the use of chains. How much chains, will I need less straight weight, will I need to gain another 5 lbs and raise the box height up to a solid 34 inches?

Well, I wasn't feeling amazing going into the session and it was blistering hot even with 5 fans going on in the gym. I knocked out my sets with bands then stripped the bar, added 200 lbs of chains, then went and thought I'd try what my first set would be next week with chains. The plan will be 4-5 sets of 10. I got 8! Doggone nearly passed out too!

Really made me rethink a few things and rush home to get into some type of conditioned air!

Several days after this I came up with a good solution on the chains and how I would survive this next cycle.