We finally got a good shot of snow today as apparently New England decided to quit hogging it all.  Made it tough getting to the gym but having only about 4 other people in the gym was awesome.
Leg Day


Poundages weren't worth a damn but today was mildly historic to me and a pretty big mile-marker in that I free-squatted for the first time in a very long time.  I am guessing it has been a year but even a year ago I only free-squatted about 4 sessions before a mild pop to my lower back made me decide it wasn't a good idea.  Before those 4 or so sessions a year ago, I would bet I hadn't free-squatted for 5 years or maybe more.  With my back problems, there are (or were?) things that I finally just refused to do.  With my back in a completely different place now, I decided to give them a go.  Last week I warmed my body up to it by doing safety-bar squats and those went well but were killing my neck.


I only did 4 working sets and it took me probably 6 sets of warm ups to get ready and I still didn't go heavy, at all, opting for really good form and getting 10-15 reps with the plan that I would see if my back felt tight the next few days and if not, go at it heavier and harder each session.


I can tell you that even though they were lighter with higher reps, holy God I was blown after only 5 working sets.  I know I could have gone heavier but I am going to take these slow and build into the higher poundages.


I followed up the squats with extensions and seated leg curls for 3 sets each.  I rarely do extensions anymore but decided to do them today.


I attempted to do reverse lunges in the smith but this wasn't going to happen.  My glutes, hams and quads were barely pulling me out of the hole with a very small weight so I opted to do high angle hacks, instead, for 3 sets.


I attempted to do regular hacks but only managed 1 set as I was shot.


I then finished with 2 sets of lying hamstring curls and was done.


Due to the weather being so bad, I was short on time when I got to the gym so I bypassed doing calves as a matter of them being less of a priority.


Looking forward to enjoying a snowed in Sunday tomorrow with plenty of carbs for the Skipload.   This is the plan below with gnocchi for dinner.




I hope you all have a great Sunday, as well!