I don't post much anymore, the last couple of years have been very tough. Learning that people don't really want to hear what all you've been through has kept me from posting about it anywhere but the thing is, if you know me then you know how hard it's been, you how hard it's been, you know what I've been through, and you know how hard I've been fighting to get better.

You also know if you were a part of my progress or not, so if I don't thank you then you still know that you are appreciated because I'm sure I've told you more than a few times.

I've struggled physically with pain and losing my ability to feel my arms and legs which makes walking very difficult. Yes, I have seen many different doctors and when my wife and I were leaving one particular doctor's office who (just like all of the others) told me that I could roll out of bed the wrong way and never walk again at this point, my wife looked at me right in the eye and got serious. She told me that she loved me more than anything, that we would NEVER be apart, but that she also would not be pushing me in a wheel chair the rest of my life either. She told me to do what it is that I do with everything else in life, figure it out and put in the work.

All I did was nod and say OK.

I'm not going to lie, my Mom sent me a lot of money that I didn't have. My wife put aside money for me to get help as well (not the normal family money, but money JUST for me to focus on me getting healthy).

I have contacted many people that I trust to help me. You know if you've helped me and you know if you've turned away when I needed help. Not holding it against you! Heck, out of ALL of the Doctors that I visited only ONE felt confident in their abilities enough to actually make physical contact with me. I do understand that everyone is afraid that by touching me they could make me worse a lot faster than they could make me better...I do get that. So if you have helped me...you know who you are and I'll thank you later in a better format. Or...just share this article...

Work. Tons and tons of work is exactly what I've put in. Research, medications, stuff that would curl your hair. I've done it and it has not been easy. Probably a post for another forum as well unless the good folks at EliteFTS give me the OK talk about what all I've done.

Wednesday night I got home from training and I noticed that it took me about 1/2 of my normal time to get down onto the floor and stand back up. I noticed that I could actually walk across the room more "normal" than I have in a long LONG time. Have to admit, I got a little emotional about it when nobody else was around to see me later that night.

Let me say that this was Wednesday night. I could not move like this on Thursday and today, Friday, I'm for sure not moving this well but all I need is a start. Give me a plan, let me put in the effort, and just give me a fighting chance to get better and just watch what I can do. After all, It's Just Pain...

This may be easy stuff for you, but I can promise you that this is no joke for me. As real as real can get.


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