So I'm 17 days out and I'm looking at my weaknesses:
1) I'm older than the other athletes
2) I'm not in the best cardio shape
3) I'm not anywhere near peak strength shape
4) I'm about 10-15 lbs lighter than I'd like to be
5) My press is in the toilet (I guess taking a few months off from overhead work didn't pay off)

So this is basically my last chance to go heavy in training and for it to have any carry over to the contest in September.

Box Squats:
a ton of volume working up to 90% x 4 reps which worked out to be 477 + 200 lbs in bands

Light Dimel Deadlifts

watch my first 2 sets and notice that my toes are pointed outwards, I'm not using my hamstrings. Fixed it on my last set and it killed my hams.

Bench Press
roughly 60% (bands included) x 10 x 4 sets
I did take a heavier easy set and a heavier harder set but I was cooked! Bands and high reps will kill you!

Incline Log Press: 8 inch, wide handled log
3 sets of 15 with 145 lbs
Everything else was in kilograms but I finished off with a not so fun 275 x 1

Ready for Weightlifting Friday!