The only thing that is worse than sucking at an event is actually training to get better at it and not getting better!

Not too long ago I watched a friend be programmed to do Axle Clean Pulls to help their Axle Clean and they made me want to poke out my eyeballs repeatedly. Being honestly, I threaten to poke out my eyeballs with a spoon at least twice per day so it isn't as big of a deal as you might think. In fact, my wife has suggested that I stop looking through Instagram since watching people do lifts horribly incorrectly drives me insane and causes me to lose sleep at night...but...

So anyway. It seems that a lot of people are talking again about issues cleaning the axle. Can you wear a belt? Can you shelf the axle on the belt? Why is it that you can wear knee wraps on your elbows "for protection" but you can't rest the axle on the belt because THAT is cheating?

I personally believe that you should be allowed to do pretty much anything that you want to do. It is like we forgot WSM where they literally bounced the "bumpers" off the ground so that the barbell/axle bounced so high it landed in the clean position again. Seriously...people forgot.

Spoons. Eyeballs.

So, if you are having issues with the axle clean then you might want to give the Axle Clean Pulls a try BUT remember that they have to server three purposes:
Build the lift Mentally
Build the lift Physically
Build the lift Technically

If it fails to do any of the three then there is no point in doing the lift at all!