10 Days Out and I'll have to say I'm fired up. The essence of what I'm doing from here out out is NOT GETTING INJURED and maintaining my speed. So much can be done to build max effort work, not get injured, and maintain speed by simply doing Dynamic Effort Work in the 40-50% range plus bands/chains.


I was late 1 hour from the gym because my son came home from school the day before and said he signed up for guitar lessons at school. Yeah, I was thrilled and happen to find a steal for a guitar that will fit him (OK, mostly ME) for literally only a few bucks online. I waited for it to be delivered before I got to the gym and I still had to get home on time.

Box Squats: SS Yoke Bar
308 + Onyx Heavy Bands (200 lbs at the top)
6 sets of 2, 45 sec rest between sets

I stopped there as I want my hamstrings fully recovered for Friday and Sunday. Sore hamstrings have led me to back and knee pain the last several weeks.

Bench Press
195 lbs + doubled mini bands (90-95 lbs at the top) x 8 x 4 sets
211 lbs x 4 (somehow I thought I was going to get like 7 but I was dead!)

Incline Log Press (8 Inch Log)
145 x several sets of 15
195 x several x 2 sets
245 x 2
267 x 1 or 2
278 x 0...I was just TOAST!!!