At the moment I have a client on a major time crunch. He hired me 6 weeks out from a major show and then there will be another MAJOR show 4 weeks later. Shoulder pain, back pain, making weight, needs to be bigger, inconsistent deadlifting and pressing, sleep, is a story that has it all!

Most of all, we really connect and I have the opportunity to really get through to him or slack off and watch him fall on his own. Can't do that. I have to do everything that I can to give him the tools to be successful.

Last night it was LATE and I was sitting down trying to write out his programming, answer his questions, and explain everything to him in detail and it seemed that as if I needed to type it all out, include photos, and a video needed to be a part of it too. This is just a glimpse and there are a lot of nuggets in there that can apply to everyone!