What a day! I went to bed on Saturday night with a Strongman Sunday plan but I woke up Sunday morning from a dream of me doing a PR Super Yoke with the sled behind me. The most I've done on Super Yoke as far as I can remember is 770 in prep for Masters WSM 2017 where I did very well with a 1,000 lb Super Yoke (mine is crazy hard). Super Yoke programming and training for the last several months has been good and I feel that if my body is feeling good I can perform very well on this event.

So I wake up and I've decided what I'm going to do. Then I begin cooking food for lunch for the family and I start feeling ill. Blood sugar drops, stomach starts cramping, severe headache. And I'm off to the bathroom (which is normal for me) but I just can't kick it. I get to the lunch table and I can't even look at my plate of food. Can't stand for anyone talk to me. Pop an injection of Zofran in one leg for nausea and a double injection of primperan and buscopan in the other leg for cramps and upset stomach and nothing was working. My wife asks me if I'd like to lay on the couch and I think that somehow she got me from the kitchen table to the couch then sent a message out to all of my training partners that I was sick and if I was there today I'd be late.

Laid there for 45 minutes and when the alarm went off I hoped up, packed my gym bags and put them in my car and I could finally look at my plate of food without getting sick. Downed a bite of salmon, sea bass, and as much rice and buckwheat as I could before getting in my car drinking carb drinks and electrolytes on my way to the gym with ZZ Top blasting (Jesus Done Left Chicago!).

Arrived and began setting things up. Weight on the sled, SpudInc harness on, SpudInc Gateway briefs went on for my hips, Cerberus knee sleeves and socks, SpudInc super belt and possibly my favorite pair of underwear. Set by set I added a little weight making sure that my back and my hips were OK and that I was in a good groove.

Ilya stood beside me on my heavy set because I'm sure that his gravitational pull makes a difference on all events. He has proven this many times because all he has to do is simply walk past my old mp3 players and they stop working. We thought it was just my old mp3 players being "old" but the other day he simply walked past the gym radio three times and all three times it just automatically turned off on it's own!

Step by step I carried 780 lbs and a sled heavy enough that it was digging into the ground as I walked. I could feel my nose running as I was walking and I was thinking "Man I'm going to be embarrassed if I finish and there is a trail of snot running down my nose" but once I finished I looked at the ground and my nose was dripping blood like I was dropping oil from an old valve gasket. My partners brought me some nose torque to being me back down to Earth and some toilet paper to clean up my face a little bit.

Nailed what I needed and was pretty much done for the day! Rest is on the menu for the week but who knows when the chef will put out a special meal...you know what I mean? What if it becomes Two For Wednesdays?

Seet The Video HERE!