So I have been traveling a lot lately and training has been not what I would want it to be. We have a lot of exciting things going on with The Spot Athletics. We had our one year anniversary of on current location last Friday. It was a ton of fun and we had a ton of clients come out and celebrate. We had food truck, snow cones, old school video games, and adult beverages.

Afterward the whole staff and many of the clients went out to a local bar. It was amazing to see what we have created and the community of people that we have at The Spot Athletics. I truly enjoy hanging out with all our clients and love hanging out with our staff. Everyone on our staff is like family but only better because you have the same passion.

Today I am getting hernia surgery. It means 5 days of not doing too much. Then a month of lifting light. I'm not nervous about the surgery but I am about not being able to pick up heavy things for a while. Even though I have been traveling, I really like where my strength levels are and am not looking forward to taking time off. But the hernia has been bothering me quite a bit lately and doesn't feel real comfortable.  I am happy to get it fixed, I just hope they do a great job so I can get back to doing what I love.

On a positive note, I will be stuck in front of a computer all weekend so I will be answering a lot of questions on the site. If you want something answered just tag me because I will be online all weekend while I sit and do nothing.