I have a Doctors appointment to get my stitches out and hopefully he clears me to start lifting. Up 'till now I have just been foam rolling and doing some light stretching. This has been the most frustrating surgery ever. I was lifting 3 days after bicep repair because I could train legs and my other arm. This has eliminated all my training because it has been so tender in everything I do. I will heal, I will come back and I will be stronger than ever. It is just frustrating for right now. Patience was never my strong suit.

Pride is a funny thing. I think in life pride has caused me more problems than anything else. The funny part is that pride also pushes me to do things most people won't or can't. Pride is definitely a double edged sword. As I've aged I feel I have learned to minimize the downside to pride but I have no choice because of all the injuries I have sustained due to my false pride. My knee was originally hurt because I didn't want to tell the chick at the ski rental that I was not an expert skier and when I fell, my binding was set not to come off, cause I had to say I was an expert. This pride has led to all my injuries and as a coach I am always aware that I can't let my athletes or clients pride lead to them getting injuries.

I see many coaches posting videos of their athletes doing some amazing things. Some of these things are done safely in a good environment. Others are more like "bro videos". What I mean is instead of solid form or training principles I just see coaches making their athletes do stupid things so they can promote themselves. This is putting your pride before the health of your client. Not only is this stupid, it is sad that a coach would put a client in a bad position just for the sake of their false pride. As a young coach I fell into this trap on several occasions.

I'm writing this as a warning to young lifters and coaches. DON'T LET YOUR PRIDE DICTATE YOUR TRAINING. If you allow this to happen in your own training you will get hurt. If you allow it in your clients training, it is even worse, because you will hurt someone else. Make sure that you are being critical in your training and not emotional. Hopefully this warning helps keep a few more people healthy in the coming years.

Remember, a smart person learns from their mistakes, but a truly wise person learns from other people's mistakes. Lord knows I've make 10 lifetimes worth of mistakes. So learn from mine and you will save yourself a lot of time and trouble.