This week I added a walking session to the barbell complexes and the bodyweight one. Walking and jogging have always been an important component of my training. Not only it provides the constant low-intensity cardio-respiratory training but they are also an important "default brain network" moment. A resting moment.

Unfortunately, by the middle of this week, it will be impossible to maintain the walking or jogging session: the scorching Oklahoma six-month Summer will begin.

The finger oximeter and heart rate monitor show a significant improvement in recovery and a good O2 saturation function.

Unfortunately, the daily low-grade fever between 2-4 PM is a constant and intense sleepiness creates a prolonged afternoon nap.

I need to write down the sequence, mark each set, and use a timer to train at this point. The brain fog is still pretty intense.


1) Hang-power-snatch - overhead squat X3 - press behind the neck from a squatted position X 3 - EVERYTHING X 15 - 60 seconds rest

2) Hang-power-clean-and-jerk - press X 3 - press from a squatted position X 2 - EVERYTHING X 15 - 30 seconds rest

3) Power snatch - overhead squat X 3 - drop snatch X 3 - EVERYTHING X 20 - 30 seconds rest