Arm training sometimes is as exciting as watching pain dry. The movements are always too similar via single joint complexes. It does take some planning and creativity to keep arm training from being stagnate. Most often your just chasing a pump, and trying to keep it for as long as you can. Plus if you have old man elbows like mine, shit hurts. So here' s what I did for arm training.

Oh, first I should mention... for each four week wave I will switch back and forth pushing bis or tris. I will actually do this slowly with volume or frequency as I feel these two factors have the biggest affect on arm size (for me). So this first week of arm training is pretty balanced and then I will decide from there.

Superset 1: Rope pushdowns ss Cable EZ bar curl

For rope pushdowns it was noting fancy just squeeze and contract without locking the elbow out and letting the arm drift up a bit for added stretch. For biceps, I just focused on getting the blood moving and not coming to a complete stretch on the first exercise. 10 and 12 reps respectively for four sets.

Superset 2: Cross body hammer curls ss single arm over head extensions.

Cross body hammer curls was a brachio emphasis. The more this is built the more it pushed between your biceps and triceps making them appear larger. Also it gives a great cushion for the biceps to bounce off of in the bench press. Did this for 4x12 doing one arm at a time. Overhead extensions was moving the triceps into a stretched/lenghtend postion. The goal was to really lockout and squeeze to gain a big stretch. This was also for 4x12.

superset 3: KB lying extensions ss machine preacher curl both 4x12

The extension KB variation adds to the medial head development. Let your elbows drift out towards the sides a bit in order to gain some added tension. Get a slight drift in the kb towards your head to gain an additional stretch from its attachment at the scapula. Slightly rotate your palms down so they are facing you for better stretch. Biceps was pretty simple I just focused on not coming down to a complete stretch and staying within my active range of motion (always maintained tension).

Here is some footage of superset 3. I took no more than 60 sec rest during any rest periods.  I was in and out in less then 40min.