The Apartment Strongman

I've been posting videos lately on YouTube and someone commented that after watching me that nobody should now have an excuse of saying that they can't train for Strongman in an apartment.

It hit me...I'm training over half of the strongman lifts at home right now. I'd still like my back to heal (fracture and herniations) and I have a torn hamstring and I tore a bicep around Christmas and I'd like all of them to heal. It is also very freaking hot outside and I'm enjoying training late at night next to a fan and possibly an AC unit for once.

Log Press, Floor Press, Triceps, Biceps, Lats, Front Squats, Deadlifts, tons of accessory deadlifts, rev hypers, hams, upper back, "calf work", sandbags, stones, husafell, dbells, etc... The list goes on forever if you are mildly cautious.

Couple weeks ago I needed to do Atlas Stones but I didn't have one light enough for my programming, so I made one with bumper plates and a loading pin. Did stones while my son was in the kiddie pool. Many times lately I've done log press WITH BANDS in my living room. This can be done. You'll need lots of small plates and some drop pads but I haven't had a neighbor complain yet!

Here are a couple of videos for you to use for ideas.

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