This 3 on and 1 off rotation is a blessing and is working very well.  I am locked in and feeling pretty good minus a decent cough that was almost borderline bronchitis.  I THINK I have turned the corner in that it is much better the last couple of days compared to what it was a handful of days ago.  I considered taking a day or two off and quickly decided that wasn't an option because it wasn't interfering with my workouts.   In fact, I felt better while I was training and had no cough, at all, until I was done training again.  It appears that it is getting better now.

The Skipload might not have been terribly productive in that I kept my carbs down lower than usual and relied on the moderate fat and moderate carb intake that I stated in my last coach log.  I don't have a problem training or getting a pump or with my strength but I have dropped my Skipload weight slower than usual this last week so that is typically indicative of not having enough carbs or not loading long enough.  I planned on loading this Sunday again but that is up in the air unless my weight drops below baseline and right now it is about 1 pound over.  I trained legs today so it was a slightly higher fat day and I will evaluate weight tomorrow and Sunday morning.  If I am below baseline, I will load but to what degree is yet to be determined (though I will have higher carbs if I do).  If I do not drop below baseline I will wait until next weekend.  I am having no hunger right now and feel great so it may not be needed even if I do drop below baseline.  I just always get concerned about my weight not falling the following week if I don't load because I have a long history of loading and it helps keep my metabolism amped up.  If I load it will be a breakfast and sushi, probably.

I have a client in town next week so it will be another good week of training and dieting.  If I don't load this weekend he will be eating pancakes by himself.  🙂  I am locked in.

As of this weekend I have about 5 weeks before vacation and am roughly 215 so I am pleased with where I am right now considering I have only been back on track for about 2 weeks now.  One cool thing about doing this for so long is that as quickly as I lose conditioning and size when I don't train and diet correctly, I am quick to get it back and make dramatic changes in a short amount of time.  There's a positive for being old. 

I am also in the final stages of organizing the TRTbodybuilding DVD and it should be ready to release to the public in just a couple of weeks.  Just working out the kinks right now and making it all look pretty. 🙂