Activations and plank/bird dog work

Two laps heavier  with prowler and one lap walk with some high stepping and breathing work.

Close to the 30 days of daily prowler. Weight has dropped to the 225lb so far.  Gotten down to 223lb so far but would call that water.  Still shooting for the 220lb number on Monday or Tuesday. May or may not get there.  The breathing work has paid off pretty well so far. Regulating and recovering faster with shorter breaks. Did my heavier day that I had been doing at one lap with pretty good time for two laps today.


Light upper work


Light activatons

3 laps prowler 2 med, 1 no weight, 1 lap walk



Did some belt squats with almost no weight(alittle band tension) 8x5

reverse hypers 5x12

Ab work-heavy long strap pulldowns with planks

Prowler 3 laps , 2 with weight and 1 none,  1 lap walk

Wide stance leg press slow tempo, pause off the pins for 2 secs then finsih 6x6


Activations with plank and bird dogs

Prowler 3 laps, 2 with weight and 1 none, walk a lap

Leg repair is going well.  The light leg work went good with no acute pain, just minor dull pain now. Still hammering the activations. Pretty amazing that before them , the area is tight but ROM is good, light pain. As soon as I hit the spots, the leg is lighter and the pain is almost gone after activations.   If you have a chance to go to a Be Activated or RPR clinic, you NEED to go.  It will make a difference no matter what you are trying to do-applies to anyone young or old, athletic or not. Whatever  they call it, it works.

Public service announcement done , I can say I thought June had it problems, but July is no slouch either. Nothing catastrophic mind you but some beatings taken.   Usually during these times, I go off the reservation but not as bad currently.   You could also call it  the deep end but  now it is the kiddie pool with light spashing and arm noodles as far as my stress.  Still prone to get caught up in the whirlwind and a tornado erupt from time to time but mostly kiddie pool level stress now.  Been constantly re-listening to the Book of Joy with the Dalai lama and Desmond Tu Tu.  I have not been listening to any other books as I feel this is where I need to focus right now.   Lots of mantras on all aspects of life and death and great wisdom on how to enjoy life.   I have a good life so don't get me wrong. Success and peace with yourself are two different things. A very successful friend told me to take time for myself and enjoy life. he spent many years building and grinding away never taking time for himself or family until the housing market fell and his business dwindled back down to where he started. I trained him for years while we were opening stores and working on several businesses at. He kept telling me over and over to give myself credit an take time to enjoy life. He says that is the one thing he wished he did was enjoy life more. The only breathe that matters is the one you are breathing at this moment.

I always take bits and pieces from everyone that I think apply in life.  I just never used them like this before.  Of course it is Spud style which adapts them to how I work-ha.  These meditative mantras are very calming and helpful. My days seem to be happier and I take less shit so personal.   I know this is baby food for alot  of people doing these and  many other advanced work, but it is a start point and everything has one.  So far I meditate for 10 mins when I get in bed and for 10 mins when I wake up on the joy and well being of others. These are people in my life and people affecting my life good and bad. Sometimes they are people I don't know.  Just wishing them well being no matter what they have done.    Other things include death mantras which sound morbid but honestly the more I say them the more I relax.   There is also a lot of breathing work beforehand which i have been doing with BAT but this reinforces that as well.   THey both talk about pulling back and widening the perspective or just plain changing the angle you look at it from-as a observer  and not entangling your emotions in. I have a very long way to go but this type of work for my head and BAT/RPR for my body seems to be moving me in a better direction.  No idea if I will ever get there but i do want to be and just feel better.