Several weeks ago, I reported that my metabolism is nothing of what it was last year. In fact, I have had to drop calories absurdly low to get body fat to start falling consistently. I doubt I have been this low in calories for a few years. The plan was to drop down as low as possible, start to progress by dropping body fat, and then reverse calories to feed my metabolism.

After finally breaking the 220 mark, my hunger has finally started to kick in. Skiploads have been very clean. The structure and amount of food are nothing like a normal Skipload. I get full, and I fill out quite well. If I tried this type of Skiploading a year ago, it wouldn't have been enough calories. Now that the hunger is kicking up, I have begun adjusting calories upward. This last week's low weight was 217 after starting at 224 roughly five weeks ago.

Below is the current diet that I have used for the last three weeks. Please understand that this is not my usual diet. Calories weren't even this low in calories at 5 weeks out last year before tearing my glute. Most people would starve on calories this low, so don't try this diet because it likely will not work for you. As soon as I could, I started to increase calories.



Meal 1

6oz cooked garlic and rosemary chicken breast from Whole Foods (prepared)

3 medium kosher dill pickles (this is my idea of a vegetable – j/k)

Meal 2

¼ cup steel oats

TEAM SKIP protein blend

½ oz pistachios

Meal 3

6oz baby red potatoes

6oz garlic and rosemary chicken breast from Whole Foods (prepared)

Intra – 6oz organic pomegranate juice

15g EAAs

Meal 4 – post-workout

40g plain rice Chex cereal

TEAM SKIP protein blend

Meal 5

6oz cooked garlic and rosemary chicken breast from Whole Foods (prepared)

3 medium kosher dill pickles

Meal 6

TEAM SKIP protein blend

½ oz pistachios or 1 tbsp peanut butter or cashew butter or sunflower seed butter

Yes, that's it.

On non-training days, I pull all carbs from the above meals

By the end of the week, I am still not terribly depleted or run down. Hunger has finally started to increase, though.

Skiploads on Sundays are 3 meals that look like this:

(all meals are from Pura Vida – a trendy, hipsteresque Miami eatery here in downtown West Palm Beach)

  • Sobe Salmon wrap (good-sized wrap – not gigantic but slightly smaller than a Chipotle burrito but made with all organic ingredients)

Bali Crunch acai bowl (some granola, different fruits, etc)

  • Ahi tuna wrap

Dragonfruit acai bowl

  • Same as meal 1

I usually have 2 protein drinks between the 3 meals but no added fat – just a TEAM SKIP protein blend drink.

The point of keeping the Skiploads clean and lower-calorie right now is simply because my body can't benefit from the higher carb intake or higher calories. As hunger is increasing and I am getting more depleted, a normal Skipload might be on the horizon in about 1.5 weeks. By that time, I should be at least down to 215.

Though I am focused on losing body fat as the primary goal, I am still focused on growing as much as I can at the same time. I am increasing in strength and looking more like a bodybuilder every few days. The progress has been good despite the low calories. As I add calories next week, I anticipate this helping to increase strength, as well.

The projected increase in calories will be primarily from carbs. I plan to add carbs to the first meal on training days and likely two meals on non-training days. The increments need to be small so that my body can adjust as calories are increased. The game is to feed the metabolism so that I continue to get leaner as I add calories. You lose the game when you add too many calories and start adding body fat.

And don't let anyone tell you that you can't add muscle and lose body fat at the same time. I'm king-shit when it comes to recomping – not just myself but also my clients. It most definitely can happen if you know what you are doing and you are patient.

The end goal? Honestly, I'm not sure at this point. I am still waiting to hear my results from the last MRI, and I still believe that I will come back from this knee injury. It continues to get better but at a snail's pace – of which I do not have the patience. So, my current goal is simply to be in good condition when I give away our daughter at her wedding in 8 weeks. I should be roughly 210 at that time – possibly a little less. When I get below 210, I am starting to get into pretty good condition. The thought of looking like a typical, fat dad with a bum knee does not sit well with me. That's my motivation right now.


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