It has been a long time coming, but we are currently arranging the chapters for the online DVD in the best sequence we can, given the amount of chapters that this new DVD will have.  We want it to look pretty and be user-friendly, so we are being careful to take our time during this last phase.  I anticipate that we are about 2 weeks from completion, after working out all of the kinks and making sure that when it goes live, there are no issues for the viewers.


For those that don’t know what the online DVD is, I did the first one roughly 7 years ago and I called it a “DVD” because at that time pros and top-level amateurs were selling DVDs detailing their training, diet, supplements, etc..  I decided as a prep guy and nutritionist that I would do a DVD detailing my methods and ideology about training, nutrition and supplementation.  However, I did not sell it, I offered this information for free to anyone that wanted it and it wasn’t the typical DVD on a disc that would need to be put into a computer or DVD player, but an online version that was viewed directly from my website.


It took me a few years to get this current online DVD done primarily because of my health issues involving my blood numbers that became a problem back in 2013.  After being sidetracked with this project while I figured out my blood work, I changed the focus of the online DVD to TRTbodybuilding because I had, at that point, figured out that I needed to change my approach to using TRT only.  My health was going to suffer if I didn’t.

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The TRTbodybuilding/Longevity2 DVD (the first one was called “Longevity”) is a culmination of the last 5 years since starting this transition.  I detail everything I have done with my training, nutrition, supplements, injury prevention (I have had chronic lower back injuries for the last 8 years), prepping for contests while only using TRT, and other topics involving everything from motivation and stress to things like tanning and supplementation.  This new online DVD will hold about twice as much information as the first one and has taken over a year to gather the necessary video footage.  This DVD will also be free to the public.


I do want to be clear that this online DVD is based around the premise of providing basic, intermediate and advanced information to people who want to transition from “regular” supplementation to TRT.  I do still give advanced information on topics like “the fat burner” and the “SCGS compound” in relation to Skiploading, but the bulk of this online DVD is going to be less useful to advanced competitors and trainers with a lot of experience and knowledge, and instead is more focused on providing information (much like the first DVD was) to those who aren’t as experienced and knowledgeable.  Obviously, anyone is invited to view it, either in part or in its entirety, but I just want to be clear that things like the training chapters aren’t going to provide new, cutting-edge information about training that someone who has trained for a long time would need. 

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I talk a lot about my ideology, my methods, how Skiploading has progressed since the last DVD, how I moved through terrible back injuries, my stretching protocol, and a myriad of other topics.  Obviously, I inject humor when I can, but the focus is almost entirely on providing as much information in one central location, as possible.  I also include some fun, and hopefully entertaining stuff, with my kids and my wife.  It will not only be available through my website, but also here on, as well.  Again, all of this information is completely free.


Even if you aren’t transitioning to TRT, don’t have back problems and aren’t in your 40s or 50s, there is a lot of information to be gleaned by those who want to stay in this game for the long haul with the goal that you will still be training (and possibly competing) well into your 40s and 50s.  A lot of the information I provide can help you to be proactive and not succumb to the peaks and valleys that I have had on my training and competitive journey for the last 34 years.


I appreciate everyone who has been waiting for this project to finish and I hope all of you enjoy the free (well, free to YOU, but it costs me quite a bit to do these “free” projects) information and that you find it valuable. I think almost anyone who is interested will be able to take away information that they can use for themselves or with their clients.