The Week From Hell

That was some shit.

This was one of those weeks that started so badly that if I wasn't in a prep phase right now I would have put the gym, diet and everything else to the side.  Hell, I had to for a couple days whether I wanted to or not.  Then, it was catch up time for the rest of the week,  Fun times.

I won't dwell on it too much because it is over and things are much better now but we had an emergency in the family back in Michigan and decided to pack up the kids on Monday and make the 1200 mile trek to support family.  We didn't get out of Colorado and Mrs. Skip had a blow out of a nose bleed.  Now, you might think, "What's the big deal, it's just a nose bleed" but she doesn't have normal nose bleeds.  She has something wrong in the back of her sinuses - or something - to where she bleeds like she has been shot.  Usually, after a while, it will eventually stop, however, this one went on for almost 3 hours while we were pulled over in the middle of nowhere from 11pm to about 2am.  It got so bad and she was losing so much blood we had to take her to an ER.

Long story short, they packed her from the tip of her nose to her throat - in both nostrils - with balloons.  They were in from Monday until Friday when she saw a specialist to have them removed and then had a couple blood vessels cauterized.  She can now sleep lying down again and doesn't have the pain and pressure in her face.  People that don't understand living at high elevations (or going back and forth between high and not as high elevations) won't understand the pain involved as her sinuses couldn't adjust to the pressure of climbing back to 9k feet.  It was ... let's say ... rough.

I ended up cramming 4 days of training into W,Th,F,Sat and though they workouts were solid and productive, I am dragging ass.  I guess that's prep, though, right?

Obviously, Melissa lost a week of prep and though she is on her diet she also has to stay out of the gym this next week until later in the week when she can go back in and "test" how she feels as her blood pressure goes up.  If she feels good she can train.  This will have eaten up roughly 2 weeks of her prep.  No, that is not the only thing that matters and obviously health takes precedent over training and dieting in a situation like this but ... this log is also about our preps and our training so I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed that she was losing some prep time.

There were other issues to deal with this week but they are more personal and I don't want to air them.  Suffice to say that sometimes kids take advantage of situations where they aren't being watched due to high stress situations and think they can get away with dumb shit.

Despite this week being a rough one my progress has been consistent and I have no complaints.  I am currently using a fat burner that I will discuss more in depth after finishing it up in roughly another 10 days.  It is working well but is also starting to impact my workouts a bit by flattening the hell out of me and zapping energy and strength.  Still, a fair trade for 2 weeks if the results continue as they have for the first 4 days.  I am very pleased with the results and will elaborate more when I finish it.  In fact, I am not Skiploading this weekend and possibly next weekend until I finish with this compound to maximize its efficacy.  The weekend after this one is still questionable, though, as I MIGHT load if I feel that results are slowing as I get into this next week due to not loading this weekend.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys Super Bowl Sunday!

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