The Whisky Story: Part 2

57 Proof. Sharing another tale from a former client and a forever friend who made major life changes a few years ago, moved his life across The World, and followed his dream...he sent me samples of five different whiskeys that each meant something to him and each carried a heavy story of his life. I never drank them, I just held onto them. Recently he has been very ill and nearly lost his life recently.

So I decided that I’d drink one little bottle per night, enjoy it, and make my own little memory.

Talisker 57 North is every bit of 57% Single Malt! I could probably really enjoy a triple shot over an ice cube and it’s for sure a must try if you like any kind of peat whisky.

My story? My wife and I barely slept last night with little Dude right in between us kicking one and punching the other in his sleep. He woke up early and came back to sleep with me before heading out to the pool. After a few hours we had to carry him inside kicking and screaming and everyone watching. He sat by the door with his life vest, goggles, snorkel, and towel and cried.

We finally went out again and three times my wife and I had to pick him up off the ground screaming and kicking. Everyone could hear for who knows how far. At different points all three of us shed a few tears, each for different reasons I’m sure. Then he got up and went feather hunting with me.

Darden Luke Melt 1

Darden Family Paphos 01

And that was by 6:30 PM. He was like that till he finally passed out in my arms at 2 AM.

Now it’s our time to just be quiet, rest, and understand that all four of us just survived July 4th and we had more laughs than we had tears. He has thrown everything everywhere in our room faster than we can clean up, burned his hand on a light bulb, picked up the tv, and took a glass mirror painting nearly off a wall too. Have to find a way to get rid of each of those so we can survive tomorrow.

That’s my story today, Roger. Get well and I hope to share a drink and a story with you one day...and make a few in the process.

NOTE: I wasn't asleep here, the flash blinded me, and my wife really carried the ship and did most of the work today. I was just the only one of the four of us that was tall enough to get into the adult swimming pool.

Darden Sleep

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