The Whisky Story: Part 3

Day 3, Single Malt. Roger, this was a fitting drink for the day that I’ve had. Blair Athol, 12 year old Flora and Fauna. I opened the bottle and took a smell. Smelled normal. I poured it into a glass, smelled like normal basic whisky. My wife wanted a smell, she took a whiff and then backed away like she just took a hit of nose torque, “yuck, smells like whisky!”

I took a drink and it had a fire kick. Not smooth, but “natural, flowing, normal”. But several seconds after it had cleared my mouth and ended in my belly, the aftertaste was amazing! I need several more of these just to tell you what it was that I was experiencing! Wow!

Today I woke up (AKA was woken up) and went to check on the situation. All seemed well, close to normal. A manageable situation. Me and my little guy played in a section of the pool about the size of a kiddie pool but he wanted the toys that the other kids brought. They were willing to play WITH HIM but he doesn’t play like the others, he organizes the toys as the others want to throw them and splash around. You’d think this wouldn’t be an issue but it creates major friction in kids under age 5!

Everyone argued a lot but he was swayed away from any extremes every time. He did scream when we had to get out as today’s UV level was an 11 (I don’t think there is a 12) and even I got burned in under an hour even with sunblock on.

Two hours inside the room, lots of cartoons and him turning on and off every light in the place over and over and we were getting ready to go outside again.

Darden Ice cream 1

These are what I call "American Carrots"

Darden Carrots

So much fun! It’s like my wife and I were on a roll. Always one step ahead of him. He yelled and we moved him to the pool he wanted. He screamed and we went for a walk searching for feathers. We got back in the pool. He even floated from one side all the way to the other just to hang out with some other guys and feel BIG I guess.

And then he started to show some Luke flavor. What did he want? I ran off and got a kinder egg, a juice box, and a milk. He laid in the shade for nearly an hour, ate all of them, and was milliseconds from being asleep. Then he jumped up again and wanted back in the kids pool with no life jacket on!

Darden Juice Box

He decided he wanted to go see the toys of another boy, then he wanted them. The little boy, 3, argued every time but every time let my son borrow them. My wife went and got some bubbles that my buddy @athenspharmac brought for him earlier in the day and we all blew and blew! They loved it.

Eventually it had to end. I got hit in the head with a few toys and more food was consumed before we were all dragged back to the room. And it just really stayed “normal”.

And about midnight he decided it was time to go swimming again. Had his life jacket on and was angry. Shortly after we also discovered that you CAN pop microwave popcorn in a pan!

1:30 AM and he is in bed, eyes closed and I have no idea how we all got through the day but the aftertaste right now is so sweet that I’m not sure I want to brag. It was a great day, Roger. Wish you were here.

Darden Feather Hunter

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