The Whisky Story: Rich Part 4

Another 12 year old Scotch Whiskey. This time, Roger, I was pretty sure that they had made a mistake. Upon pouring the bottle of Bunnahabhain I took a huge smell and immediately thought it was an expensive bourbon. Maybe like one of the higher end Blanton’s possibly. A sip down and I realized that I could sip this whisky till I could no longer sit in a chair anymore. Nothing rare about it, it just tasted expensive.

I wish I knew why you sent me this one, I bet that your story was amazing. Here is mine.

Darden Paphos sleep 1
Darden Luke Wake Up 1

Yesterday we had major issues with my son wanting the toys of the other kids at the pool and none of them wanting to share. On our way out this morning I could hear the other parents say in Greek “Come on, hurry, we need to get our things and go NOW.” Yes, it hurts. I can’t completely say that I don’t understand. They don’t understand my son and they may take his ultimate screams as being something that they are not.

Darden Luke Steven Hands

We came back inside, him screaming and having to be carried, so I could finish some client work. You guys know who you are! About that time our buddy Uncle @athenspharmac came by with a huge bag of toys! You should have seen Luke! Opening one by one, organizing them in the room, being so good, even gave him a kiss!!!!

Darden Luke Nick 1

We went to the pool and every other kid wanted his toys. The kids that wouldn’t share yesterday were now asking me if they could borrow Luke’s toy for a little while. “I don’t know, you will have to see what Luke wants”.

For a few hours, Luke felt RICH. And because he felt good, we all felt good. It was another hard day and I’ll leave out the rough spots, but I’ll remember this. I could sip on this day for a long time.

Darden Luke 1

Darden Luke 011

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