Things I Include in Every Athlete's Training Session

As I finish up Winter Take Home Workouts and continue to explain my system to my new guys I put this on paper today.  These are things that I cover in every session (for the most part) when I put a plan together.


  • General
  • Injury Prevention (single-leg/arm, corrective, address common injuries suffered in certain sports)


  • Olympic Lifts
  • Jumping
  • Bounding
  • Agility Drills


  • Lifting Circuits
  • Running
  • Sleds
  • Hills

Body Awareness

  • Somersaults
  • Cartwheels


  • Pre and Post-Workout (both)
  • Despite what the "experts" say, static stretching feels great and works just as well as it did 20 years ago when I played

For the most part, I will address each one of these at least once in every workout.  If I do this I am definitely checking all of my boxes and coaches can't complain that I'm not doing something.  More importantly, I'm setting the athletes up for success.

As a total side note: if we know the actual definition of Conjugate Training we know that this is, in fact, Conjugate Training.


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