I kinda wanna bitch and complain but I just can't.

Yes, my left supinator is hit or miss; one day it feels great and I hardly notice it while the next it is irritated.  It still isn't in the way of me doing anything other than I can't do any overhead dumbbell presses or regular dumbbell presses because it hurts more getting the dumbbells into place than it does doing any specific exercises.  It's a weird injury in the sense that I want it to heal so there are zero limitations and yet the limitations are minimal and not really holding me back at this point.

One thing I haven't mentioned in the last few coach logs is my weight.  My weight has climbed to about 227 over the last 3 or 4 weeks.  Now, you might recall that I ended my 24-week blast phase at 226-227 and think my weight technically hasn't climbed but keep in mind that within the first 2 weeks of stepping off the "gas" pedal and going to TRT, my weight fell to just below 220.  So, this increase is definitely a change in body composition.

I am not "fat" but I certainly have lost some hardness while getting a bit softer in my obliques and lower back.  If I wasn't getting stronger as I have shifted to TRT, I would not be cool with the added body fat, at all.  I think I am tolerating it for a couple of reasons:

1. I am growing.  I am getting stronger while on TRT so I can't complain too much about that.

2. Even though I am softer, I am still in very good off season condition so it isn't like any is really noticing other than myself.

I tend to think this is actually a good thing because if I can hold my strength while cruising on TRT (or in my case actually INCREASE strength slightly), this is going to put me in a better place for growth when I step on the "gas" pedal again in mid-June.  I don't know if you remember (but I do) that towards the end of my blast I was complaining that I couldn't add more weight and I wasn't progressing in strength, anymore, other than an odd rep here or there.  As an example of my strength increase from last week to this week, I hit my top set of bench last week for 6 reps (far too low for my comfort level) and this was for one set before backing off in weight.  This week I was able to stay at that top weight not for 1 set but for 3 sets getting 10/7/6.  That's a hell of an improvement even if I was stepping on the gas pedal but even more impressive when I am 6 weeks into a TRT phase.

Now, I admit that I don't want to see my weight continue to climb so hopefully it will plateau either where it is now at about 227-228 or if I start to creep up on 230, I will damn sure make a change to the diet so that I don't surpass the 230 mark until I blast again mid-June.  If I am close to 230 at this condition by mid-June, I should bounce quickly to 240 ish within the first 4 weeks of the blast.  I would even wonder if I would start leaning out a little bit when I am blasting,  as well, because keep in mind that my body composition changing right now is not at all from the diet changing.  I have not made any diet changes so this is ALL from the hormones changing. 

I have been asked about my Skipload quite a bit and said that I would comment on it here.
I am still loading on Sundays, all day, but also on Saturdays starting right around 6pm.  I typically get about 2 meals in on Saturday night and then about 4 meals on Sundays.  I am not cramming food or forcing food because I always go by hunger in the off season and I am nowhere near as hungry in the off season as I am when I am depleted from dieting.


My skiploads are typical other than the addition of BBQ which I seem to be on a kick with, lately.  I usually do a good burger and fries on Saturday and then either pizza or sushi later on Saturday night.  Sundays are a late breakfast, BBQ ribs with sides, and then later at night either leftover pizza from the night before or leftover BBQ.


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