The Arnold Booth this year was another good success. Thanks to all who came by.  We got back late Monday night and Tuesday was a bust so doubled up training on Wednesday with Upper am and Lower pm


Upper AM

Used new econo pulley and did rope pulls to the chest for 8x10

Set up swiss bar in mono with mono straps. Wrapped blues onver a couple of times and added 1 large set of chains. Used inside grip and outside and did 8 reps on eachx 5 rounds

Push ups off swiss bar 3x25

Face pulls with pauses for 3x5

Push downs to finish severalx several


Lower PM

Reverse Hypers 4x12

Machine squats 3x10

Small tire flip 2 x10

Reverse hypers 3x12



30 mins stepmill

We set up the econo pulley with a lower pulley too. Used the utility strap to do 6x10 low rows

Switched to the upper body strap with handles.  Did presses, overhead tricep, lower pulley flyes, jm ish triceps for several sets.