Light activations

Reverse Hypers 4 x10 prior and 3x12 post with new single leg hyper straps.   I generally use the reverse hyper as a warm up and loosing exercise.  The single leg straps change the dynamic of the movement. Think I posted on this a couples weeks back. Anyhow, nice added hamstring and glute work.

Did two laps prowler post training. One heavy about 90% and one medium heavy 80%. Tough today. Breathing was off and recovery not great.

Repeated last week's cambered bar suspended squats. Cut some of the warm ups out from last week. Plan was to go 20 mins this time with a set of 2 every minute. Right at the start, it wasn't gonna be like last week. The wife decided to bring a client over to work on her so I elected to put on the head phones to focus on the movement and the  parts I need to pay attention to.  The wife moved over to not be in the way of me getting in and out of the rack.  I crank up some David Bowie to drown out any talking or negativity from her client.  Really just wanted to not have any visual or sound distractions. Her client is usually pretty good. I get to cranking and the sets roll off pretty well.  Last week around 7 or 8 sets, the back got alittle mad. This time I didn't get jacky till set 11 ish and even that wasn't bad. As most know, the first week of a exercise is a get to know ya adaptation. The second is usually the best week with performance going up and coordination improving.  My philosophy  is week 3 is usually flat with either slight performance improvement or staying the same.  Anyhow I was clipping well, when well, about set 12  Amber, the 13 year old gym pit, rips off what I thought was one of her patented super poots. Put it this way, the Spud Inc product storage area is a small alley like room  that is dark like a cave. It is also A/C well so she has a bed in there and hangs out when she is not having a anxiety attack but the side name is "THe Fart Room" cause she crushes it and it don't leave.   Back to today's sets. I am zoning in on set 13 when the perceived poot alarm goes off.  I carry on with that set and come out for my minute break and see the wife taking dog outside. I think the normal , she has to go. Well I see her client grabbing her things and heading out-fast. I then look down and see Amber didn't quite make it outside-not normal for her at all. The lady was on a crash mat which is the only thing that saved her from getting doused as collateral damage. I think well I will help in a minute with clean up in two more sets. It stinks bad but I finish them fine. It is isn't 20 sets but that is what got served up today.  Turns out the client was in a unpleasant and whiny frame of mind.  I think Amber got tired of listening to  her shit and gave her some of her own! Ha, Amber has she earned her right to poop on pooper heads.

Gross I know but funny and fitting for that moment.