15 mins stepmill

Activations and then worked on a someone for activations. Strange, it was a nice day and we got alot of changes from the guy and he was moving good. Very pleasant time, then as  we were sitting around talking about it and suddenly some cries started to rise up on my side. Totally weird and unexpected but so is Be Activated and RPR.


15 mins stepmill and activations

Plank work 4 rounds

Standing pulls 10x8

Bench with swiss bar 6x5

Rope triceps 1010

Standing long ab strap pulls to chest

Shot some videos for you tube and facebook.


45 mins sled drag


Activations with ab work 5 rounds

reversehypers 5x10, 3x12 after

Light straight bar squats 8x5. Worked on breathing though movement again.

Sumo deads 4x3, 1x1  worked on same breathing.


15 mins stepmill

Activations and bird dogs/planks work

machine press 5x12

pulldowns 10x10

flyes 4x8

Triceps 10x10