Activations and some gut BT

Long ab strap pulldowns 6x10

Wide stance leg press with pause on pins. 6x8

154lb walks around gym 3 rounds

One leg hack squat, down with both then up with one leg  set of 3,4,5,6, 8 per leg.  Sorta pistol squat on a hack squat.

Reverse hyper 6x12

Prowler. One lap pulling backwards with upper body strap, One regular push lap



Neutral grip pulldowns 10x10

Run the bottom of the rack dumbbell rows. Started with 55lb and worked up to 120lb


225x2 repsx 10 sets 30 sec rest per set

185x8 repsx5 sets one minute rest per set

couple of burn out sets at 25 reps per set for 4 rounds

Prowler push. Did not anticipate a PR push day but got it. 3 laps for 20:10. Only a minute besting and unexpected so win and roll on


Did absolutely zero training. Just worked on the new building to do list and some idea  cramming for new products.