Figured I would just throw this  up. Been training for a bit adding a  more work in each week.  Nothing to write home about but been working the dead alittle more then usual to see what happens.  Desire has been waning for qite some time now since the gym move.  Always watching what people are into and  Dan Green go beltless while just grinding though shit and then him pulling 900 at the Arnold motivates anyone I think.  Never been a big beltless guy, ever, but why not see where it goes.  Not sure if Dan just likes prime numbers when he lifts or that is just where the grind seems to go, but I modified it a bit to do make the work sets 5,7,5. I like the banded deads more then regular ones for whatever reason they seem less painful(believe that right!) Also made one pull during week, a sumo with a odd bar and the main dead day being the banded one.  Roll it a few more weeks and see what happens.


Activations with some BT work.

Plank work (ball and sides)5 rounds building up time each round

Prowler 25lb one lap(1/5 mile, much harder on concrete then at old gym), One lap walk 1/3 plus mile


Ab work  planks and bird dogs

Machine leg press warmup several sets of 6 to 8 reps

Reverse hypers 3 pre, 1 middle, 2 sets post

Banded deadlift with average bands on each side, no belt, working up to 5,7,5. This is the second week of  this. Added about 50 to 75lb more band tension then the previous week

Bosu balls for wide stance two hand swings. First time wide on two bosu balls. 4x15

10 mins  magic carpet sled drag inside on turf, 300lb ish forwards and backwards with  upper body strap


15mins stepmill

Ab work pulldowns and obliques 5x8 each

Back work Hammer rows 10x10

Hammer press 10x 8 to 10 with paused contractions at bottom.

Rope tricep mixed with fat bell hammer curls,  8 rounds of each




Activations , BT and breathing work

One prowler push with 25lb on the arms

Three laps upper sled


15 mins stepmill

Reverse hypers 4x15

Bandbell bar deadlifts  off 4 inch blocks. worked up to 5,7,5 no belt with sumo stance





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