Prowler three laps , two with a 45lb and one no weight. Still going the opposite way but it is getting easier now. Well, I got a groove sometimes

Gonna work on some activations later today. Probably should have done it early but the day just went that way


Activations with side plank/bird dogs 3 rounds each

Reverse Hypers 3 prex12, 2 postx15

One leg press tempo 5 reps, hold 5 sec, x 3 rounds each set x 5 total sets

Two hand swings 62lb 25 repsx10 rounds , 30 second off

Prowler, three laps, alittle different twist with no weight for a lap no stops, 25lb for a lap with 3 stops, 45lb for a lap with 30 sec push off 10


Just Prowler at three laps light.  Had a regular check up with GP. He  sorta gave me some shit for not taking my statin for high cholesterol.  I understand it is  very helpful but each time I try it, I  always begin to feel like crap. We have switched brands and dosing a couple of times but it comes back to the same crap.  It had been hovering in the low 200s for years and recently it has jump up to 283 since last year which got me thinking that it might be related to the chemo drugs since my kidney function has continued to be on the high side. .  I searched a little but could not find anything to collaberate this.  Being on TRT, I understand the risk factors. I keep a close eye on things including my estrogen which I expected to be fairly low with Arimidex as well but the estrogen was very low, too low.  You have to have the balance in the equation with your test levels up and enough estrogen to keep the blood vessels pliable and not be too stiff. So I will have to back off the arimidex and see if my estrogen comes back up some or if further investigation is needed.   One of the things with the loss of a percentage of my taste buds is that I have been eating crappy so I will also rein that in and go back to low carb for more of the week and less blow outs.  That has helped me in the past drop cholesterol about 40 points.   My chemistry has changed since the chemo and radiation.  In the past, fatty fat was easy along with putting on the muscle and strength. Currently muscle and strength are not as easy to come by and the fatty fat is slow . It is still a converse relationship, just the complete opposite direction so hence the gobble gobble till ya wobble wobble eating.  I can't lie , I enjoy the lower BF(for all you ass douches I don't mean LEEEANNN like 10% or some BS less so keep your commently gossip to your own) , all the available abs, bliques, coastals etc are easy to see in da mirror. Nothing more , nothing less.     Never had that as a fat kid and semi soft young adult so that makes me happy.   Controlling myself started yesterday so yea for me!



Ab work-pulldowns and fallouts

Incline half press 5x5.  This is about all my shoulder will let happen. Although putting on the ForeArmor straps made it easier to deal with on the descent. Normally , lefty bicep tendon and elbow shut down this movement earlier but the wraps gave me some help even it they are shitty presses

Pushup with flye at bottom of suspension straps. Counted off 5 inhale and exhales for about 15 to 20 reps per set. Couple of burnout sets after of straight pushups

One are rope standing row. About 8 setsx8.  Usually with no one in the gym at 6 o'clock hour except one or two people, equipment access is no problem.  I purposefully avoid interrupting other peoples' training. If something is being used, I find something else. Most have very OCD routines that can't change.  This morning's same ole same ole  was the 150lb small fellow. He has alot of issues and his training is painful to watch sometimes. I commend his continuing to work and he is working, however, every year that passes his ROM gets worse and each exercise gets shorter and shorter.  I am assuming he will fall in to another  older guy's path of having no range of motion causing him to look like he is having a seizure  when he trains. Again, commend the tenacity to keep training but wow it is awful looking.   Long story short, I walk away a bit and look back and he has taken over and is doing the worst curl shrug I can see with the lower cable crossover handles.  Looked more like he was just saying the "I don't know"  shrug. What are you gonna do, rubber neck of course.

Prowler 2 laps almost medium heavy. ONe lap no weight, one walk



Prowler 4 laps light



Reverse hypers

Belt squat set every of 8 30 sec for 10 min

KB dealifts set of 5every 30 seconds for 5 mins

Double KB set of 1 every 30 second for 5 mins

Prowler light heavy two laps