I took 10 days off from lifting to try and let my shoulder/back clear up.  For the most part, it feels better.  I walked or rode the bike 8 of the 10 days so I kept moving.  I had 2 massages that definitely helped.  I still have some nerve issues going on, but they are getting better.  So, Iopted to get back on the horse today.  I abbreviated the main work because it was the smart thing to do.

  • FBB Press: 2x5@95/2x5@105/115x5
  • DB RDL w/ shrug: 5x10 w/70's

Instead of doing my FSL work I opted to do raises.  I figured it was a good thing that I was able to get the main work done.  Only issue I noticed was my left triceps was lagging behind finishing the press, but no pain.

  • Side Raises: 5x15
  • RFESS: 5x5
  • KB Row: 5x10

Right now (about 8 hours after lifting) I still feel pretty good.  No new neck/back pain.  I'll spend some time stretching tonight while I watch TV and take some preemptive Advil so I don't wake up in pain.