Training and Posture Pro

Posture Pro this past weekend in Atlanta at Jance Footit's  5 Rings Barbell.  The speaker and creator of Posture Pro is Annette Verpillot and has been working on this system for over 13 years(well her words were it took me 13 GD years to figure this out).  I did not need much coaxing to go. After a few posts about Jance gaining 10lbs of muscle without any food or training changes and how good he felt, I was in in. the wife was originally slated to attend with me but the schedule got too hectic and stressful at the end for her to go.  She is the note taker and listener extraordinaire.  I found that if I try to take a bunch of notes, I end up missing half the information.  If I just listen and observe I do much better at retaining the information.   There was alot of information and for three days the bucket was filled, filled, filled again.

I came into this as I had with Be Activated. Beat up mentally and physically over the past 8 or 10 months with work stress  from all angles.  Flying solo is also not as fun but it twas what it be. Day one and off to the races. The vibe wasn't there out the gate but my guard was also up.  But it was shortly dismantled as we dove into the information and the GDs rolled off her.   GDs are always relaxing to me and calm me down.

The main idea, to me, is a neurological resetting of the brain.  Her words, "Change the input, change the output. "Basically how the body stabilizes and handles itself gets off kilter often starting in childhood or even earlier and progresses over time. When I say set or optimize I mean it can take 1 or two minutes to make a impact  and 6 months for the exercises and tools to reset the body and the body accept the changes- just like anything else and of course -optimize them.   The assessments are easy but must be checked and rechecked. I am terrible at the nuances of each test and blunder through them many times over the course of three days.

First day, I enjoyed the information but I wasn't in yet.  Day two we work on the eye test and exercises. When I am wiped out mentally from stress and other made up anxiety ridden things that aren't real, my eyes feel like they are golf balls sticking out of my head and focusing is terrible.     They are heavy all day till the afternoon when we do a couple of simple exercises.  We don't have our tool kits so have to share Jance's kit.  We assess my eyes and determine which one is diverging. Then we do the actual exercising. Goal is 30 seconds of tracking. At first it is difficult and tracking is slow. Then I mentally just shut off and I hear Devin say WOW and Yeah!  He finishes and is still caught up in the eyes as they sync correctly as the connection  to my brain improves. I look up and feel like the fog is lifted, the room widens and expands with depth and my energy level is suddenly zooming.  We finish the day evaluating one of Jance's athletes. The room is clear and I am buzzing(I had a very similiar effect at Be Activated but it took lots more work) Typically at the end of a day I am running for the door, especially if I am by myself, but I actually hung around and jabbered.  THese are the cool moments when you are able to separate from the woes/anxiety we create. As Annette worked on Izzy and she performed her snatches I could see all of it clearly and zoomed in on her foot as she missed a lift. It flexed just slightly as she adjusted to find a stronger position. She did not hit this lift but as the corrections where done I saw her foot stick and she hit the next lift easily. She ended up having a shorter leg(not neurological but physiologically shorter) .  But the bottom line is   I hadn't had that clarity  in quite awhile.

Still buzzed up mentally, I reluctantly left like a kid realizing it is dusk and mom is about to call me home. You want to stay late and play but is time to go home. Jammed a Stan meal down the gullet and some candy bars after the required two beers while you are out of town and hit the hay about 9pm. I really did not think I was going to sleep but bam, it was 4 am.  This is not normal for me. Sleep two hours, wake up pee, sleep two hours, wake  up and pee.  To get 7 hours straight , unheard of. I thought shit, no way I am going back to sleep now but 630 came. I laid there a bit to try some meditations and managed 7 am. May have fallen back asleep.

After the eye awakening, I was in and figuring how I can use it with the other Be Activated/RPR. Day 3 is practicals and learning some more cool information. Obviously this is way oversimplified, but tremendously glad I attended and looking forward to level 3 and 4.  While we were all practicing, she broke out some eye crystals(thought that is what she was calling them) and worked on Jance.  We'll go with secret eye crystals cause' it sounds cool and mystical. She was  working on him and he was freaking out and had to tap out. Of course, our temperments are get back in there and i hear him say," I can take it!" So she keeps working on him and saying, hang in there.  He does and she completes it.  He sounds like a school kid giddy with enthusiasm .  I ask him and he tells me he can actually feel every muscle around the eye.  That is pretty cool. Hugs and pictures and new friends ends the day.


Here is the link to her TedX Montreal Women Talk if you want to hear more and see some of it in action:



Activations with Tim Tam and other objects

Reverse hypers 3x12 pre, 2x 12 post

Erector is still giving me problems stuck to leg press today. Heavy work 3x8 but prob 10 to 12 sets total

Heavy sled drag with 1 set comprised of 20 yards backwards followed by 20  yard forward 3 bill for set 1, 4 bills x3 sets

3 10 min walks



3 10 min walks

6/1 to 6/3 Managed my 3 10 min walks a day.


Back work 10 x10 assisted pullups

Straight arm pulldowns 10x8

Press speedish work 225x5x8

Fat bell fly/press 3x 1 min per set.



3 10 min walks



3 10 min brisk walks

Reverse hypers 4 sets pre, 3 post

Low box Squat with white rhino bar.  Worked up to 4 plates until my right erectors stopped that.  8 work sets still the shut down


3 10 min walks


1000 reps with the micro mini tris, bis, back shoulder, pull aparts. Basically anything upper body

bench with monster mini and softee pad. worked up to 335x1. Lots and lots of warm up and work sets for 3s and 2s


3 10 mins walks


3 10 mins walks

Lots of activations

Deadlift floor. Plan was 3s conventional, 2s sumo warm up to 455 Then cons 495x2, 495x1-all hook. Figure 8 strap 545x1 con, 585x2 sumo. Drop set 495x5 con, 495x5 sumo. Back was crushed.

Reverse hypers 4x12 pre-light, 3x10 heavy post.



3 10 min walks


Two hammer pulldowns variations with bands 6x10, 5x10 per arm

Incline press with shoulder saver worked up to a nervous 315x5

Dumbells worked up to 80lbx25 reps

One arm curls on machine 4x8 per arm



3 10 min walks



Reverse hypers 3x12

Squat close stance 375x5,395x5,415x5

Dr Squat strap back raises and another standing variation

3 10 min brisk walks


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