Just prowler today.  One lap heavier then normal, plate and half per arm.  Down set lap 25lb arm.  Breathing was off some but kept to plan with 30sec on and 20sec off or until the breathing  becomes erratic  Both were easier and faster then usual. Still trying variations.


3 laps prowler after some activations.  All laps went well. Had two things happen that required me to stop and call some folks. One that normally would have sent me into my AMEX RAGE (this is the dancing and screaming loudly and violently simultainously.  I name it as over the years as  AMEX changes it policies and rules. Of course you find out after the shit is in effect.  This has happens once every 7 or 8 years.  It is quite entertaining to watch, sorta like a gorilla going on a rampage and tearing everything up in its wake while maintaining a pirouet-ish  dance. ) which I did not this time. I almost threw my shit on the ground and screaming was right there but I caught it and breathed and helped the person get through the issue which they have been through many times before but they just lock up and freeze on occasion.


Reverse Hypers 6x8

Band squats with green band to open up the leg. 4x8

Deadlifts off 3 inch box.  315x3x5. Worked on some andy bolton style where pull just off the floor then apply the speed.  Likey this one just not good at them.

Since the wifey's program involves some of these and they fit I did some very light stone work.   Several sets of lapping and paritals with it.  Then some loading 3x2. THe leg seems close to 100% already but seems and actually is are way different as you know.