Training and a concert that has nothing to do with lifting.

On Friday, I went to Daniel's Island in Charleston to the Volvo Car Stadium Tennis Courty Place for a concert. It was basically the FamilyCircle tennis Facility but names change as time marches on.  The concert was Tom Bailey of the Thompson Twins, B52s and Boy Geroge/Culture Club.  I got invited and was not that interested in going at first as it was not mentioned that the B52s were playing. It is sorta ironic as we had been talking about them and if they ever were around I would like to see them awhile back. Probablly not, as usually when you talk about something it tends to appear or show up in some fashion like the Universe heard you and said, "Hear ya go" Maybe not the version you thought of but here it is.  (Think on that litle bit from time to time.)

So when I heard the B52s were playing, I said sure. They are a quirky strange band. I heard them first at a small party in the mid80s.  We lived in a small town called Sumter at the time in SC.  New and different music was rare back then. Being poor and just wanting to fit in like everyone else in high school, you tended to stick to what was mainstream. Put it this way, one kid that moved to Sumter from up Nawth had a Billy Idol haircut and a ear ring which by itself caused a upheaval at the Sumter High.  So as you can imagine, someone slapping on Rock Lobster at a small party was  unique.  I enjoyed it the brief time I heard it. It was more a funny song that you made fun of back then with Fred Schieder's voice .  A few years later in college when CDs were getting hot, I would buy all kinds of music and got alot of CDs from the Columbia House 8 CDS for a penny deal.  I got alot of CDs this way even though in the end it wasn't any deal at all but you do accrue alot of music this way. Some of the music you like and alot you don't like meaning the ones they sent you monthly which was more of a pain in the ass to return them so half the time you just kept them. The selections were decent and you took chances and B52s were one of them. Might have been the time Cosmic Thing was released. I liked that album and it was of the most popular ones for them mainstream wise. If I like something, it was obsessive so I got all their early albums and listened to them picking out my favorites and listening to them dozens of times.  With them, the beats and the musicianship is great. Their lyrics are also very unique and honestly just fun to listen to and sing to.

I did not grow up a concert or show goer. Can't say why, just never went to many. The wife loves them and has been to plenty to dozens and probablly dozens.  This venue is pretty cool as they block off half the stadium for the stage. It is more intimate then a large show but you can see and enjoy it more then a real small setting-Goldilocks show, just right.  Most of the show is people in the 40s to 60s but don't think that means less douchery, it does not. The lady next to us asked two guys with younger trophy wives to sit down and not yack as much.  Bascially, they yammered the entire time. Always brings  up, why you here?

Everyone played and sang great.  I did not expect this and kept wondering if there was some lip synching going on but they were not.  After a couple of times of thinking about that, I just said enjoy the GD show man to myself. The B52s basically have never really stopped doing shows which is pretty amazing and they are in their 60s to early 70s. Tom Bailey was really good and Boy George/Culture Club  was great as well.  Changing your perspective from time to time is a good way to enjoy your life.


Activations with tim tam and boomstick

Double kb rows 30 setsx10 with about 15 to 20 secs off

KB obliques 8x10 a side

Messed around with the Weck clubs for rollin tricep work off ball

100x2 rounds pushups off treatment table. 20 rep sets , slide , 20 reps

Tried some inclines with some assistance but did not go well so moved on to hammer flat. 5x6 then a couple of drop sets

Two laps sled drag with belt


25 minutes stepmill.


Very minor bit of work.

Reverse hypers 8x12

Light SSB squats with pause at bottom 5x6



Activations with tim tam, boomstick and the rest of the kitchen sink

Bandbell speed bench 8x3

Added stump strap and 25lb ,  dropped bar weight a bit . then did soem high neck presses off face savers 5x8

Regular sled drag 10mins, then upper body with rope attachements for 20 minutes. 8rounds front raises, 8 rounds rear delt raise, 4 rounds static rotater holds. 8 rounds tricep extensions. Tried a couple rows but bicep said that was it so had to work on to ease the pain up in the elbow.



# laps regular sled drag


Needed alot of activations and BT workthis morning. Hip is still giving me fits so dealing with that

Tsunami bar seated GMs with stump straps. Added quarters after each 3 set rounds ending with 75lb on each stump strap.  so 9x5reps

Did 4 sets box squats with same set up

Reverse hyper 5x12

Took yoke to the road for a full 1/3 mile lap

Rest of day was moving furniture and then coming back to do a bit of work and harass everyone.


2 and half laps with sled regular pull



Activations with boomstick and tim tam

Back work semi heavy neutral grip fat handles 12x8

Fat bell rows 125lbx10 x5 sets

Pin press bench 275x5x3,315x3x2,345x2,365x1 . Adding a bit each bit.

Added fat grip to wide hammer and dropped seat to make it more close grip work.  5x8

Shoulder Rok 3 rounds each side. Was cool till about 130 and then neck and arm are pissed so did more activations and band work stretching. Better but still mad.



Plate and half for 30 minutes regualr sled drag


Activations with tim tam

Reverse hypers 4 pre, 2 post

Box squat. Worked back up to 3 plates to test the leg and hip. Still minorly mad at me

Light banded deads 5x3

One lap with old club foot prowler.

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