This week, training was good but there was sooooo much going on in business.

I made a mistake in judgement for my business, it won't be my last and it certainly wasn't my first. The big thing is that I learned some valuable lessons and won't repeat those mistakes again. It's funny, we pay to go to University to learn and then in life people get so upset when they make mistakes that cost them money but really how is it different than University? It's just the University of Reality. I learned about systems, culture, hiring processes and management needs. These things would cost a lot to learn about in university and you still wouldn't be able to apply them in real life.

My mistakes cost me money but the lessons I learned are directly applicable to running my business in a much better way. So to me the money I lost making the mistake isn't really lost, but spent on learning valuable lessons that will make me better.

Besides my training I have been working with a few of our younger athletes on the Olympic Lifts. Although they aren't a huge part of our program, I love then as a sport. So although we don't catch the clean or snatch in our regular training I am having a few kids who are interested in learning the full lifts come in an hour early on Sunday morning to have Olympic Lifting (I hate saying Olympic Lifting as Weightlifting should let people know what I am talking about but I don't want there to be any confusion). sales rep Matt Goodwin's son Kaleb and about 6 other 12-14yr olds have been coming in and it's been a lot of fun. They are learning a technical lift and it's fun watching them progress.

Here is a video of one of the boys, Seth Best, doing his hang Snatch in SloMO.

Slomo Snatch from one of our young athletes from JL Holdsworth on Vimeo.