Training and Candy Cardio


1 30 min walk

Did alot of specific activations to chekc firing patterns and breathing.  More on this later.

I was going to work on some kind of lifting to get back into the breathing while training. All week been practicing with a small amount of water held in the mouth to keep me breathing through the nose.  It is pretty dramatic the recovery inprovment and additionally the nasal breathing gets  more diaphragm working.

It was only MIke and me and he wanted to do some yoke walks. I talked him into some shitty car carry strap walk. A yoke carry of some sorts I would call it but different.  Here are my sets

Two 35 yard walks with 270

Two 35 yard walk-1 with 370, drop set to 270

Three 35 yard walks- 1 with 470lb, 1 with 370lb, 1 with 270lb

We then pulled out the new stretcher sled and loaded it with 300lb(reminds me of the old 300lb chain drag except worse. )

3 35 yard drags with half backwards and half forwards. Tried some wide stance and some close stance on the forwards one.

Held the water in the entire time. really forced the air down solidifying the body


3 10 min walks

very light fat bell press for time with overhead tricep extensions  included 6 or 8 sets Back to belly breathing while doing reps. Worked on pauses all throughout lift.  About 1 and 1/2 to 2 min sets for 6 or 8 sets

Bench press same 4 sets for time with multiple pauses during set

Used new ab straps to do some assisted and non assisted pull ups.  Not my fortay but worked on nonetheless.


1 20 min walk, 1 10 min

Same on bench press 4 sets

7/12 to 7/16

25 min walks daily while out of town



1 30 min walk

3 laps upper body sled


2 10  min walk

Light back work

6x10 assisted pullup

6x10 1 arm cable low row

Pendlay rows with dumbell bumper plates(bout 4 inches lower start) 245x5x 3 sets

Body master machine squat with bands 3 blue and 1 green per side. Worked up to 3 plates x5 reps

1 prowler push with 25 a arm(Did this after squats)

2x12 reverse hypers



1 30 min walk


Lots of activations and some gut tempering . Beat up fro weekend training so Monday is turning into a giant recovery day weekly.  Finally got some brusining on my pec confirming some slight tearing.  Will continue the wet nurse routine on it.

1 10 min walk, 1 20 mins walk


Activations with Tim Tam, compression band work.  Pre and post

Reverse hypers 4x12

Bench with monster mini.  Plate with softee pads for 5x5, 185 x3x2 sets.

4 board with white rhino.   Lots of reps ending with 4 plates x3

1 40 min walk, 1 20 min walk


Activations with the Tim Tam

Reverse hypers 4 x12

Box squat with duffalo bar.  Worked up to 565x3.

Hatfield Strap RDLs 365x4x2 sets of complete suck.

1 30 min walk


3 10 min walks



10 min walk and 20 min walk

Activations with the Tim Tam

Back hammer row 4 sets

Used lightning to do a machine pendlayish dead rows. 6x8

Decline press with bandbell  4x10

Hammer incline 6setsx8 with 6 sec tempo and hold

Suspension pushup and flyes 2x8 each

Just trying to work the boobs a bit and not blow them up. Hopin got be able ot turn it up a bit tomm and Sunday


Candy Cardio 3 laps descending weight on sled each lap. 2 plates, 1.5 plates and 1 plate laps. 1 lap walk off/Recovery. I call it candy cardio as the name gives it away but due to large quantities on both Wed night and Thursday. Candy Cardio is generally punishment fo this bad behavior but lately my BP has been a touch high so I figured I would throw this in to. Been thinkin' of adding in a hard session once a week anyhow but really wanted to make sure I gave the 3 10 mins walks a day a fair shot solely on its own. I plan to continue these, just add in one hard session. So this took about a hour to knock down on the 4th.  Put on my KC Royals Drunk hat and partied down.


Activations with the Tim Tam

Back Stuff machine rows 8x12 and seated Mag grip rows 5x10

Super close hack squat flaring knees out. Worked on tempo on eccentric side. 5x6

Wide stance suspended GMs with light touch and go at bottom. 4x6

Reverse Hypers 3x10

Still ginger loading and avoiding much shoulder or arm integration in the lift.  May try some pressing tomm or Friday Am


30 mins early walk


Tim Tam activations and lots of BT on the arms and pecs. Still beat up from Fri, Sat and Sun.  Not sure if we sprains some things or not. No bruising yet but it is only a day. Tomm will know.  Was gonna do some accessory work but capped that off  till probably tomm and see how it looks.

3 10 mins walks.


1 20 min walk 1 10 min walk after training

Non eventful bench action. Shoulder is a angry and told me so when I started benching with the bandbell bar today.  Managed 5x3 with 3 plates, 2x3 with 30 more pounds.  Ended with 3 and half plates for 2x4

Broke out the Rhino bandbell bar for 4 board presses with close grip.  3 and half plates for 2x5, 4 platesx5, 4 and half plates for one. Capped it there for shoulder's sake. Ha


Activations with the Tim Tam

Floor pulls with the White Rhino Bandbell Bar. 5 x3 conventional, 5x3 sumo. Did a lower eccentric touch and go with all sets.  1x3 at 5 and half plates. Used the Squat buddy and Hatfield strap on the sumo.  Plan was to be sorta of speedy with the white rhino bar but it was so so on the speed part.  Happy with the workload on this.

Reverse hypers 4 pre, 3 postx 12 per set

1 10 min walk prior, combined 20 min walk after training to get my 3 10s in.


Activations with the tim tam

Light upper recovery.

Micro band pullaparts 300 reps

Monster mini standing rows/pulls 300

Shoulder Rok 100 reps each way

Fat bell press 3x100

Assisted dips 200



3 10 min walks


4 or 5 10 min walks

Light leg training with Mondo leg press.  Used the option  for two legs but each leg is individual tracking. It is terrible but you get to see where you push more from.  Worked up to 4x8

Reverse Hypers 4 pre, 2 post

Double Conventional swings worked up to 106sx 5 reps

Been doing a light Wed to save it fro Saturday  training but this week was also video week where I dressed up in a unicorn tank top and runner shorts. This video was a sweating with the spud segment

. I set up a strongman medley outside that was terrible.

1Yoke carry with our swing set straps and new safety squat strap  after each of the medley runs which consisted of :

a/Tire carry with farmers handles

b/ Car Carry strap with 270lb total

c/Tug of War sled strap for drags

Sprintish back after each event. 100% awful. Probably one of the worse ever plans.  Cramped in the hams and adds the rest of  the day.


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