Training and got the insoles

So yesterday ,6/12, I received my Posture Pro insoles. They are expensive but given the amount of time you can wear them, the cost  inconsequential versus their benefits which were immediate.  The first step is fixing the foot first which after the assessment showed me with a postural lean backwards. As soon as I cut them to fit my toe shoes and go them in I was positioned more upright. Second I felt a lightness(same as Be activated after the first couple of day) in my legs. I was also buzzed up(higher energy level) for the rest of the day.  Things rolled off instead of sticking like mud.  Jance mentioned keep track of everything initially. If you remember, his weight gain after he started with no changes in training or diet was a 10lb sway in the gainz territory in less then two weeks.  So start weight is 229.9. I have been Vertical Dieting it since Stan was here in mid May and dropped about 6 or  7lb thus far.  Plan originally was get down to 215Lb.

Day two 227.9(Just to register the  number) Energy is still solid. Sleep wise, pretty good meaning about 25% or more better then normal. Minimal wake uppy action.  Generally, when I open the gym I am up every 2 ro 3 hourspeeing and  leaving the house about a hour early(430 to 445 ish.) Did wake up at 430 but did not panic to get up and get going. Laid in bed and did some jappa and may have dozed back off. I arrived at work and the gym was a mess so straightened and moved weights for 30 minutes or so. This is another time where I get caught up in my anger loop where I make up conversations that won't happen and lots of WTF is wrong with people. Can't they get this simple shit right?  I like the gym a very particular way if you haven't figured it out but instead of stewing and ruminating on it, I let it roll off with only minimal angry swirl.   Given the current circumstances that is a win in my books.

Day 3 weight 226.9. Still I know body weight can fluctuate 5 lbs either way so this is just documentation.  Still slept pretty solid. Had to open again so there is lots to do when I have to bring dog in as well. Normally, nervousness goes up and it did but not overwhelming me so again that is a win.

Day 4 weight back up to 229 but I did my cheat early on Friday instead of Saturday. Little bit of stress late yesterday that was completely my fault so had to go back out to the gym. Was ragin for awhile then it settled down which is not the usual continue till it wears itself out kind of thing.    Brain, today,  seems still high energy with the insoles on.  Focus is still good.  Training seems to be more on it and the intensity.

Day 5 weight went back up to 234 but I did eat a large pizza and candy bars for cheats. Sleeping was better and included jaw piece to limit teeth clenching at nigh

Day 6 weight is back down to 228. Sleep is improving. Added in the functional activator mouth piece. Testing the increase in strength and nasal breathing improving VO2 max. I hadn't done anything other then the three 10 minute walks since committing to the vertical diet(95% of the time)  so I added in some Magic Carpet Sled Short Track dragging with the new tug of war strap.

Day 7 Weight was 225,9. Back on track till Saturday or maybe Friday when the candy man calls. Still working on the mouth piece. Feel like I am sleeping deeper but nothing to measure that against.

So to summarize so far I am utilizing the insoles, the mouth piece. I have still not received my assessment kit so this is far as I can go . But  so far weight is down a bit farther then my original pace.  Strength has gone up with the fat loss so pleased with that part.  the biggest part is energy levels are up, mental fatigue is less. Angry Spud is less then before.  The insoles are definately helping.  Once I get the rest in like the eye magnets for the visual fields improvment,  the picture(no pun but ha) will be better.  Just the ability to think clearer and be more aware or less anxious about things and there is a lot going on  that normally deep ends me.  With the mouth piece, sleeping has improved.  Like RPR, Posture Pro is a game changer. That is all.

PLUS PLUS..Got my CT scan for 3 years post and all clear.  Doc says I won't be getting anymore CT scans just check ups. Good news there


3 10 min walks

Light back work and accessories.


3 10 min walks

Activations with Tim Tam and 120 lb BT work. Hips, guts, pecs and arms, about a hour.


1 30 min walk

Activations with the Tim Tam

Bench with softee pads. Worked up to 365x3,365x5, down set 315x9

4 board worked up to 405x4

Happy there again with this. Had more in the tank but just getting used to this weights weekly so left it there


3 10 min walks

Reverse hypers 4 pre, 2 post

Deadlift floor to 455x3 then added 4 inch boxes. Worked up to  655x1(after a botched 1st attempt set up.   Drop set 585x5. Happy with that. Haven't done a couple heavies back to back in one week in awhile.


3 10 min walks

More product testing. Another Figure 8 material.

Neutral Grip pulldowns 6x8

Chest supported row 4x6

154lb row. 3 sets x3, 5, 6 rep

Hammer incline press. 4x6, 2 drop seat to failure

Micro band pull aparts 3x100

Monster mini overhead tricep extension 4x15

Tricep extension 3x100

Machine curls 2x50





3 10 min walks


Activations with the Tim Tam

3 10 min walks

Squat close stance with the gateway Shawty briefs. Worked up to 505x2 with a couple of drop sets 415x5,375x8. This was swoletastic. Last time I went over 5 bills, my right hip bitched.  Ben asked me how that felt and if I was going up. I say heavy as f&^k and leaving with my leg intact today.


3 10 min  walks

Accessory training since I only benched on Sunday. I used the new Tug of War Strap for some back work and sled drag.

High pulley 8 sets per arm

Low pulley 6 sets per arm

200lb sled drag while low rowing.  8 trips  40 yards a trip.


3 10 mins walks.


Activations with the Tim Tam

Bench with the dudes. Will still do back and accessories tomm but it is always better to bench with the crew.  Squat bar bench with chains-235lb bar with 2 chain x3, 3 chain, 4 chain, 5 chain softee, 6 chain softee x1

4 board 285x5, 325x5, 375x5, 415x1

Happy with that. Still building up tolerance for the heavier weights. Had a bit more in the tank on the chain work but left it there.  Guys were motivated and hit some nice PRs today.

Day got off so did all 3 10 min walks at once.


1 10 min walk, 1 20 min

Activations with the Tim Tam. Yes, it is back from hiding

Reverse Hypers 4 pre, 2 post x 12

Box squat with new SSB bar strap attachment and White Rhino bar.  Doubled setted each weight to warm up well.  Ended up with 4 platesx6, 4.5 plates x2, 5 plates x2. Drop set to 3 plates for 10, 2 plates for 20 without box.


10 mins stepmill, 2 10 min walks

Manual Activations

Figure 8 strap accessory work. Pendaly rows, standing pulls, face pulls, tricep extensions. About 500 reps total

Bench worked up to 315x5,275x10, 225x25



3 10 mins walks


3 10 min walks

Manual activations

Reverse hypers 3x12

Hung upside down to work loose the low back 5 mins

Hammer leg press one legs 5 per leg followed by two leg for 8 for 4 rounds. Then two leg moving up in the weight for 4x8

Pull throughs with the Dr Squat Strap 4x8


3 10 min walks.  Headed into the gym like normal and the wife calls me as I am about to get to the gym.  Umm...They broke into the  store again accross town.  This time it was the tenants-two of them.  Well crap, the universe is still slapping us around. I turn it around and head over there and sure enough, two walk through holes in the back of the building.  As much BS as this entails I would rather just give them the register money.  But here we are. Two holes and a GD mess.  Hoping not to get the insurance involved but pretty sure it is going down that road.


Activatoins with the Tim Tam

Used the Tsunami elbow/shoulder trainer for a bunch of exercises for shoulders and back

Hammer decline press Worked up to 3x8 with 5 sec hold on end rep. Drop sets of to failure with hold of 10 seconds on last rep

Messed around with holding water in my mouth to keep diaphragm breathing. Like it alot. Gonna keep trying it on all training to experiment.


3 10 min walks


3 10 min walks

REverse hypers 4 x12

Tim Tam activations

Rack pulls just below knees worked sets 585x3, 635x3, 725x1

Dr Squat strap with up right back hyper 3x8

Car walks straps(NEW product test) 1 forwards , 1 mix set backwards and forwards back

It is always the days you don't expect much you have a decent day. After a couple of week with the erector issues, I went with the rack pulls as a less stressful exercise. Did not really plan to do 725, just sorta happened.


3  10 min walks

Neutral grip pulldowns about 10 sets

Rows with new material deadlift strap worked up to 150lbx8

Elite amercain barbell worked up to 315x5

Burn out pushup off suspension straps 2x50


3 10 min walks


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