Training and listening to da Rhino

So about a week before the kidney doc, I had starting listening to more of Stan's Rhino Rants. He is just a interesting guy to listen to on many subjects. They aren't too long so I can focus on them. One of his rants, was on sodium intake and his approach to it with not only himself but Flex Wheeler and many other athletes he deals with.   Obviously we think we get enough or at least so I did. His approach is taking alot more daily and especially more with higher volume athletes. Finding this not the norm to me, I started investigating the whys and also if it makes sense, I implemented some of the protocols to test them out.  I began adding it in right away, the full amount for the day of 10g. I know, for me, protocols are harder to keep up. So wham, 10g down with some bcaa. Learned quick, that much salt, makes you head to the bathroom quick.  It is quite a laxative in other words.  Like most things,there is just a adjustment phase to everything. day two, 10g down the hatch and right to the pooper. Still quite a laxative. Day three, yep, a Dear John letter to write, well not literally.  Day 4, the adaption I hoped for is not there, so I change to twice a day at 5 g. This is not how Stan recommends it by the way.

In the meantime, I find out from my Irish Kidney punching doc that my love handles ain't protecting my insides like they promised they would.  After getting you are perfectly healthy except for the 44% kidney function lecture, I start rethinking my whole salty new lifestyle and hazingly remember all the bad things about salt and it mythical badness.  The wife says why don't you ask Stan. I know him, sort of,we have talked a couple times  but  i don't have his info. I do have mark bell's number who is good friends with him. Mark and I are on the old high schoolers except in the  powerlifting world and obviously the early Elite Log days when shit was flying everywhere era(the best of times for me days). It is alittle uncomfortable texting him but WTF.  I get Stan's contact info back only. Cool.  I text Stan and ask if its cool if I ask him a few questions about it. He is really cool about it and sends me a couple of huge texts back.  I know he answers these questions all the time so taking the time to be as detailed as he is a very generous thing. I ask a bunch of standard questions. He sends me a couple of Ray Peat videos and answers that contradict some things I thought I knew.

Sliding doors open and close all the time and this one opened a huge door I had not been down yet. The Ray Peat videos alone are worth it.  Like him or not, believe or not, he just has a fascinating amount of information he gives.  You figure out what you want out of it.  The domino affect from this continues to cascade in many directions as Ray talks about so many subjects and genres that make me want to look them all up.  This is a ADD/ADHD dream come true.

Back to Stan.  We have implemented several of his protocols. All of them can be used in a athletic or general health capacity.  My plan is to go a month and get my blood work tested. That is also what he does with Flex on a monthly basis.  From simply the salt standpoint I am fuller and still the same BF.  BP is not up.  So far so good. The other protocols are only a week in so can't say yay or nay except I am consuming alot more carrots, OJ and milk.   I will let you know how it goeskis but I have way more questions to ask




Two laps prowler with two laps walking

Still in a not very interested in training rut.



Prowler two laps, two laps walking, little bit of breathing work post.


Activations and breathing/icing work


Activations and breathing work

Two lap prowler and two walkie laps

Long ab strap pulldowns 8x12

Face pulls 8x10

Lat saw with ropes for push downs many xmany

Lat saw standing pulldown 12x10

Used sand dunes for floor press with fat bar  6x8

sand dune push ups 6x12


Activations and breathing work

two laps prowler with two walkie talkie laps


Acivations and breathing work

Ab work 8x8

Pulldowns 8x10

1 lap lunge

reverse hypers 6x8

Two laps prowler and two laps walk

Walk two laps later in day


Activations and breathing work

two laps prowler with two laps walk x 2(extra two laps,10 mins)

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